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Eastern Connecticut State University

Past Exhibitions

3rd Annual Connecticut Printmaker's Invitational

Let There be Light: The Black Swans of Ellen Carey

Maurice Sapiro: Where the Land Sweeps the Sky

Carol Brookes~Pulse~mixed media wall sculptures

2013 Senior Exhibition: THE SUM of OUR pARTS

Motherhood to Mother Goddess: Transcendence from Self to Absolute

Virtue and Vice: The World of Lizbeth Anderson

A Glimpse Into Akus: Selections from the Permanent Collection at Eastern Connecticut State University

Printmakers Network of Southern New England


2012 Senior Exhibition: Challenge Accepted

Unnatural Variations: A Playful Look at Science in Art

Unfiltered V: Vito Bonanno Riding with the Train Girls

Beta Israel

Double Time

2011 Senior Exhibition: Out of Line

Home Grown

Cur.rent Car.ri.er

Solemn and Sublime: Contemporary American
Figure Painting

A Candid World: American Visions

Fictional Reality

Chahar Ghesmat

Sweet Tooth


La Lucha por La Identidad:
Puerto Rican Artists Struggle for Identity

People you May Know

Taking Shape

Kelly Bigelow Becerra:  Bittersweet

It's Getting Hot In Here

Building Consensus

Free Thought: 2008 ECSU Senior Art Exhibition

Pamela Butler and Yang Mian: Miles of Smiles

Nicole Awai: Backwards and Forwards

A Sand Mandala for Peace and Compassion

In The Memory of Elliott Arkin 1960-2007

Convergence: Collaborative and Individual Works By Trifocal Projects

Todd Jokl .

Jessica Schwind . Joseph Smolinski

2007 ECSU Senior Art Exhibition

Wrestling Angels: Siona Benjamin, Laura Elkins and Carol Peligian

Lowell Boyers: What we long to know

Joianne Bittle and Charles Ritchie: Bioluminescence

Sherry Wong: Float ON

Crude Oil Paintings


Peng Hung-Chih: Dogma


Dangerous Archipelago

2003 ECSU

Senior Exhibition

Fools' Progress

Spicy Girl

Sense Language

Binary Code

Permeable Borders

image from student show