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American Studies
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Meredith James, Coordinator
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American Studies provides History and English majors with options to diversify their study of American society and culture by choosing a variety of courses not only in US history and literature, but also art, poltical science, sociology, and other disciplines that study the United States in its

broadest aspects.

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American Studies programs at colleges and universities across the country and in many foreign countries provide opportunities for interdisciplinary study of the society and culture of the United States. These programs commonly combine history and English with the fine arts, foklore, sociology, political science, economics, and other disciplines in order to study the United States in all its aspects. 

   American Studies provides ideal preparation for careers in teaching,  government service, writing and editing, museum research and administration, journalism, and politics.  American Studies is also excellent preparation for law school or for graduate work in history, literature, art history, American Studies, and related fields.

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