In-House Application

Transfer or continuing students applying to Eastern Connecticut State University's Honors Program, should have no more than 45 credits when they apply. Submit a cover letter with your application that describes those qualities or assets that you feel make you a strong candidate for the program. Your cover letter should make clear what you have accomplished during your high school years and at Eastern. Include a recommendation from at least one professor at Eastern familiar with your work and a sample of writing from one of your University courses.

The Honors Council is interested in evidence of academic achievement, involvement in program and activities, and indications of leadership. We also want to get a picture of you as a person. Information about your goals at Eastern and after graduation would be appreciated. Evidence that you are motivated, venturesome, and imaginative would be especially welcome. What, in short, distinguishes you from ordinary students and suggests you will benefit from and make contributions to the University.

In-House application available at PDF