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Class Registration by Sara Colucci

Registering for classes here at Eastern Connecticut State University each semester is a very simple, quick, and stress-free process. Everything is done online via Eweb Online Services and students can look up their classes prior to registration.

The whole process starts with an email from the registrar's office letting you know when your registration date is and where you can get your registration code from. It is very important that you receive your registration code before your registration date otherwise you will be late signing up for classes!

Next, comes the fun part of looking up the courses you are interested in, when they are offered, and which professor is teaching them. At first it may seem a little tricky to figure out what classes you need to take, but the advisement center and your academic advisor are always there to help you sort through it.

 Once you come up with a tentative schedule, you'll want to write down all of the course code numbers so they are easily accessible come registration time. From personal experience, I have found that having backup classes written down somewhere is a good idea as well. The reason for this is that some of the courses that you decide you want to take may not be open for very long after registration due to popularity or limited spots. This is why it is smart to write down the other times offered for the course with their specific codes, as well as alternative courses as backups.

I just registered for my fall senior year classes and still made sure I had alternative courses listed in front of me just to have a safety net even though my classes are much more degree specific. All the faculty and staff make it as simple as possible for the students to get the courses they want and help keep them on the graduation track. Being prepared and having all the course information accessible will help make this registration process much easier!

Luda, Luda, Luda By Sara Colucci

This past weekend on Eastern's campus was exciting for everyone due to the fact that our fall concert was on Saturday! This year we had Ludacris come and everyone was ecstatic to see him perform on stage for us. This was the first concert that I've been to since my freshman year and I couldn't wait to get to the gym Saturday night to see him sing some of my all-time favorite songs. Finally, it came to be concert time and we arrived at the gym during the break before Ludacris came on stage. Once through the doors, we were able to stand two rows back form the stage and start the countdown with the DJ for him to walk out into the spotlight. Shortly after we got to the front, the lights went out and before I knew it Ludacris was on stage directly in front of us. The crowd went wild! Everyone was screaming his name and jumping up and down trying to get a glimpse at the star. He opened his performance with one of his most well-known songs and paved the way for a great night. The concert continued on and he kept giving the crowd what they wanted song after song. By the end he thanked us for being such a great crowd and started to walk off the stage. But we wanted more, so a chant began to fill the gym with "Luda, Luda, Luda!" and to our shock he came running back onto the stage! The gym filled with happiness as he got back into the stage light and continued to give us not only one but two more encore songs. The concert eventually ended and everyone left the concert with smiles and pleased with how the night went. I has an awesome time with my friends and so thankful that I bought a ticket there. We are all looking forward to the next concert now and see who CAB chooses for the spring.

D-3 Sports at Eastern by Michelle Shusdock

Eastern Connecticut State University differs from many other universities due to their athletic program.  Eastern is a Division 3 school, with many competitive club and intramural teams.  Along with the different sports Eastern offers, Eastern also offers top of the line athletic fields and equipment.

I am lucky enough to be part of Eastern's Division 3 athletic program because I play Women's Lacrosse.  I have been playing lacrosse for roughly eight years, however, I have never encountered a team or athletic program like Eastern's.  From the first day of practice, the coaches and players have welcomed me with open arms.  The team is very competitive on the field, but we are all one big family.  The Women's Lacrosse team, along with any other teams and club teams, travel off campus to different schools for some games.  Being part of a team gives you the opportunity to get to travel and see the surrounding states.  Also, the team gives back to the community.  On our off season, and during our competitive season, we try to give back to the community as much as we can by doing community service.  Being on a sports team at Eastern does not only keep me in shape, but it has also introduced me to a lot of wonderful people on the team and throughout the community, as well as letting me play a sport that I love.

The Unity of the Liberal Arts by Carrie Mantis

Blog: Unity of the Liberal Arts

I love writing, which is why I chose to become a communications major with a minor in writing. I never have seen myself interested, or good at for that matter, science. Since attending Eastern, a liberal arts university, I have been required to take Science, Math, English and History courses. I have not always taken a liking to all these subject areas, I have to admit that the wide range of classes have actually helped me in other subject areas. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. This semester, I am taking a human biology course with a lab as well. Never in a million years did I envision myself enjoying biology - it's just "not my thing." Throughout the year so far, I have been able to link what I am learning in biology to other courses of interest to me. While in my psychology class, (I am considering minoring in psychology as well) I was learning about how the human brain works and the process of performing a scientific experiment. Learning about the body in both classes definitely proved to be helpful, especially as I was studying. My liberal arts education uses all of my knowledge and combines it together to help me in all subject areas.

Since I am a communications major, I have even been able to use math and apply it to calculating statistics and formulas within advertising. I have come to realize how much all subjects integrate within one another and am thankful I have been given background experience on many topics. Taking a variety of classes not only expands your mind, but opens you up to new information you never would have thought to be interesting otherwise.

About Carrie Mantis



Hi, my name is Carrie Mantis and I am currently a sophomore at Eastern. II'm fomr from Glastonbury, CT. When I think about "home" I associate it with where I feel most comfortable. It is a place where everyone I surround myself with has a positive and everlasting impression on me. Home is Eastern. Here at Eastern, I am majoring in Communications with a concentration in Advertising. I did not have to think twice about this major since I have always been truly passionate about creative projects and love to analyze advertisements. College is the time to discover your true identity and explore new and exciting activities. A significant part of my life on campus is being a part of Hillel, the Jewish student's organization club. Eastern provides great access to my religion, an aspect of myself I knew I always wanted to preserve. Now I am the secretary of the Hillel Club, which allows me to become closer to other Jewish students. My time at Eastern has never been wasted. I have found myself constantly involved in activities on campus, like attending FAD's (Friday After Dark) and other exciting events. Last year, I was an active member in the Campus Activity Board, or CAB, where we put on FAD's each week and assisted with other community-based events. Bringing the community together is one of my greatest joys and I love being a part of it. If you have any questions about life on this beautiful campus, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you all soon! Best of luck to you in your future.

Intramural Sports at Eastern By Sara Colucci

Intramural sports here on Eastern's campus are not only fun to be a part of but also highly competitive as well. The program offers intramural basketball, soccer, volleyball, floor hockey, tennis, dodge ball, flag football, and softball. I am playing intramural soccer this fall with a team of all my close friends. There are usually 1 or 2 games a week and there is no practicing involved so being a part of the team isn't too time-consuming. It's a great way for friends to join up and play a sport that they love. During the fall semester all of the intramural sports are held inside in the gym, and then during the spring semester when it starts to get warmer outside some of them are held outside on our turf field.

My team has won all 4 of our games we have had and are hoping to remain undefeated to get to the championship game at the end of the month. Last night we had our toughest and most competitive game yet. It was intense and we were exhausted by the end, but we ended up winning 1-0. The game started off at a normal pace but quickly turned around. By only a few minutes in both teams started to get more aggressive and tried harder and harder to score. At some points the play got out of hand but by the end of it both teams were able to thank each other for a well-played game. Although this was an intramural game, it felt more like a game that would be played on the college division level. We played great and it felt amazing to win as a team under those conditions. I played intramural soccer last spring outdoors and I love it. Intramurals are a great way for students to get involved, have fun, and still play the sport they love without being on the DIII team.


Education Club at Eastern According to Ellen Devlin

As the Vice President of the Education Club here at Eastern I have had the opportunity to work closely with local principals and other educational staff, acting as the liaison between them and our members.

            Eastern is a well-known college for its Education program as it started off as an  "education-focused school" graduating 14 female teachers in 1889 (the first year that the college opened). From then on Eastern has continued to flourish, and has continued to graduate well-rounded, diverse students who are ready to act as professional teachers in the real world. As an officer of the education club on campus, I obviously have a bias as to how awesome it is J.  We have an estimated 60-70 member attendance every meeting and hold about 7-10 events every semester. Our biggest event this fall was our walk-a-thon where we choose a school to sponsor and fundraise for. Last semester we ended up being able to raise over $3000 for Sweeney Elementary school, allowing them to purchase white boards for every single classroom! A fellow officer and I were able to present the check to the school during one of their monthly assemblies in the gym; it was such a great experience. Our members and other officers hope to be able to raise just as much for our selected school this year. Only time will tell!

            Walk-a-thon tends to be one of our biggest events, but we also have several smaller events during the school year including Mock Interviews, read-a-thons and volunteering opportunities. This year I was in charge of setting up a Mock interview session with a local principal where we invited her in to come talk with our members about what she looked for in a resume, and what she wants in a potential teacher. This event had a great turn out and served to be extremely helpful as students had the opportunity to ask our guest any questions they had which would help them become a stronger candidate in the future.  Our next event would be our read-a-thon which happens twice a year (once a semester) where we go to a local elementary school and read to the children as an "after-school activity." Those students who sign up and attend our event have the opportunity to take home the book that they read with one of our members as a keep-sake and memory. This is one of the Educations Clubs favorite events, as we enjoy being able to read to students and promote their literacy. Our economy is getting tough and we know that we need strong, literate students now more than ever! Lastly, we have volunteering opportunities that we offer to our members. We work closely with several schools and have classrooms that our members can work in once or twice a week where they can get experience working with children, and have the opportunity to be supported and guided by the teacher as well! It really is a great experience for students as it is a fun and rewarding experience and it is a great resume-builder.

            Overall, if you got through reading all of this, congrats! You are clearly an interested education major and I highly advise you to become involved with the club when you come to Eastern. It has been part of my life since freshman year and I am so happy that I made the choice to put myself out there and join - I have benefitted so much from it and I hope you will too! J



About Zach Yeager



Hi everybody! My name is Zach Yeager and I have called Eastern Connecticut State University home for the past two years. I am a Computer Science major and minoring in Management Information Systems and Social Informatics   

At Eastern I discovered more about myself than I ever thought possible. I did a complete 180 degree change upon arriving on campus. I became so much more social than I originally was in high school. I made friends with multiple groups of people. I got a job in the Admissions Office, which is something I never even thought to be a possibility. I lived with a roommate that wasn't my brother for the first time. This taught me that I'm not as good at sharing as I thought, and can occasionally be a little territorial with my belongings. It also helped me realize how neat and clean I really am. In addition, I found a new interest in the environment and sustainable energy, which I take time on the side to tend to; coordinating our recycling program on half of our campus every single Thursday afternoon. On campus, I deal a lot with community service and volunteering in the local communities. Every Thursday night, I attend a group home for developmentally challenged adults. It is the best two hours of the week for me.  Besides being an active member in our main volunteer club, People Helping People, I am also a member of our Student Government Association and the International Student Association.

 My friends call me "Mr. Eastern," meaning that I know too many people, but at a small campus like Eastern, knowing many people is not as arduous as a task as you may think.  From attending campus activities to walking to our student center, I cannot get anywhere on campus without waving to somebody. The numerous things that there are to do on campus are what make it most enjoyable to me, and are what have made my life here at Eastern what it is today.


About Michelle Shusdock


Hello everyone, my name is Michelle Shusdock.  I am a freshman at Eastern Connecticut State University and my major is Accounting.  I am originally from Norwalk, Connecticut.  As much as I love my hometown, I now call Eastern Connecticut State University my home away from home. 

The second I stepped foot onto the campus, I knew this was the school I wanted to attend.  What really drew me to this school is how friendly everyone was, from the students to the faculty, along with how Eastern is on the smaller size, campus and student wise.  Also, the class sizes are small so the students and teachers get to know each other very well.  I also play Women's Lacrosse at Eastern.  As a freshman, the whole athletic department welcomed me like I have been here for years.  Being on the lacrosse team is very helpful when it comes to time management, discipline, and other tools that will make me successful throughout college and after college. 

Eastern Connecticut State University offers a lot of variety when it comes to school related activities, clubs, sports, and so on.  Whether you join an extracurricular activity or not, you will still meet a lot of new and amazing people on the campus and learn a lot through your years here at Eastern.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and I hope you see you all around campus one day!

About Ellen Devlin

Hello prospective students! I hope you all are enjoying the journey of essay writing, and college visits as high school is winding down for you. Hopefully Eastern is your top choice, as it was for me :)

     The campus is beautiful and the small class sizes make it a great experience, allowing you to create a bond with the teachers and peers that surround you. As a senior, I am dreading the real world and wish I could stay at Eastern just a little bit longer! I applied to Eastern my freshman year knowing I wanted to major in Elementary Education and English and have stuck with that since. I became involved on campus as soon as I had the opportunity, running cross country and track for Eastern and being an active member of the Education Club on Campus. I was the treasurer last year for the Education Club and was elected to be the Vice President for this year. I look forward to my Student Teaching in the spring and then the journey of becoming a teacher in the near future.

I hope you all have the same experiences here at Eastern that I have had, and hope that you will take advantage of every opportunity that awaits you! Good Luck!




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