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Luda, Luda, Luda By Sara Colucci

This past weekend on Eastern's campus was exciting for everyone due to the fact that our fall concert was on Saturday! This year we had Ludacris come and everyone was ecstatic to see him perform on stage for us. This was the first concert that I've been to since my freshman year and I couldn't wait to get to the gym Saturday night to see him sing some of my all-time favorite songs. Finally, it came to be concert time and we arrived at the gym during the break before Ludacris came on stage. Once through the doors, we were able to stand two rows back form the stage and start the countdown with the DJ for him to walk out into the spotlight. Shortly after we got to the front, the lights went out and before I knew it Ludacris was on stage directly in front of us. The crowd went wild! Everyone was screaming his name and jumping up and down trying to get a glimpse at the star. He opened his performance with one of his most well-known songs and paved the way for a great night. The concert continued on and he kept giving the crowd what they wanted song after song. By the end he thanked us for being such a great crowd and started to walk off the stage. But we wanted more, so a chant began to fill the gym with "Luda, Luda, Luda!" and to our shock he came running back onto the stage! The gym filled with happiness as he got back into the stage light and continued to give us not only one but two more encore songs. The concert eventually ended and everyone left the concert with smiles and pleased with how the night went. I has an awesome time with my friends and so thankful that I bought a ticket there. We are all looking forward to the next concert now and see who CAB chooses for the spring.

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