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The Unity of the Liberal Arts by Carrie Mantis

Blog: Unity of the Liberal Arts

I love writing, which is why I chose to become a communications major with a minor in writing. I never have seen myself interested, or good at for that matter, science. Since attending Eastern, a liberal arts university, I have been required to take Science, Math, English and History courses. I have not always taken a liking to all these subject areas, I have to admit that the wide range of classes have actually helped me in other subject areas. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. This semester, I am taking a human biology course with a lab as well. Never in a million years did I envision myself enjoying biology - it's just "not my thing." Throughout the year so far, I have been able to link what I am learning in biology to other courses of interest to me. While in my psychology class, (I am considering minoring in psychology as well) I was learning about how the human brain works and the process of performing a scientific experiment. Learning about the body in both classes definitely proved to be helpful, especially as I was studying. My liberal arts education uses all of my knowledge and combines it together to help me in all subject areas.

Since I am a communications major, I have even been able to use math and apply it to calculating statistics and formulas within advertising. I have come to realize how much all subjects integrate within one another and am thankful I have been given background experience on many topics. Taking a variety of classes not only expands your mind, but opens you up to new information you never would have thought to be interesting otherwise.

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