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Luda, Luda, Luda By Sara Colucci

This past weekend on Eastern's campus was exciting for everyone due to the fact that our fall concert was on Saturday! This year we had Ludacris come and everyone was ecstatic to see him perform on stage for us. This was the first concert that I've been to since my freshman year and I couldn't wait to get to the gym Saturday night to see him sing some of my all-time favorite songs. Finally, it came to be concert time and we arrived at the gym during the break before Ludacris came on stage. Once through the doors, we were able to stand two rows back form the stage and start the countdown with the DJ for him to walk out into the spotlight. Shortly after we got to the front, the lights went out and before I knew it Ludacris was on stage directly in front of us. The crowd went wild! Everyone was screaming his name and jumping up and down trying to get a glimpse at the star. He opened his performance with one of his most well-known songs and paved the way for a great night. The concert continued on and he kept giving the crowd what they wanted song after song. By the end he thanked us for being such a great crowd and started to walk off the stage. But we wanted more, so a chant began to fill the gym with "Luda, Luda, Luda!" and to our shock he came running back onto the stage! The gym filled with happiness as he got back into the stage light and continued to give us not only one but two more encore songs. The concert eventually ended and everyone left the concert with smiles and pleased with how the night went. I has an awesome time with my friends and so thankful that I bought a ticket there. We are all looking forward to the next concert now and see who CAB chooses for the spring.

About Zach Yeager



Hi everybody! My name is Zach Yeager and I have called Eastern Connecticut State University home for the past two years. I am a Computer Science major and minoring in Management Information Systems and Social Informatics   

At Eastern I discovered more about myself than I ever thought possible. I did a complete 180 degree change upon arriving on campus. I became so much more social than I originally was in high school. I made friends with multiple groups of people. I got a job in the Admissions Office, which is something I never even thought to be a possibility. I lived with a roommate that wasn't my brother for the first time. This taught me that I'm not as good at sharing as I thought, and can occasionally be a little territorial with my belongings. It also helped me realize how neat and clean I really am. In addition, I found a new interest in the environment and sustainable energy, which I take time on the side to tend to; coordinating our recycling program on half of our campus every single Thursday afternoon. On campus, I deal a lot with community service and volunteering in the local communities. Every Thursday night, I attend a group home for developmentally challenged adults. It is the best two hours of the week for me.  Besides being an active member in our main volunteer club, People Helping People, I am also a member of our Student Government Association and the International Student Association.

 My friends call me "Mr. Eastern," meaning that I know too many people, but at a small campus like Eastern, knowing many people is not as arduous as a task as you may think.  From attending campus activities to walking to our student center, I cannot get anywhere on campus without waving to somebody. The numerous things that there are to do on campus are what make it most enjoyable to me, and are what have made my life here at Eastern what it is today.


About Michelle Shusdock


Hello everyone, my name is Michelle Shusdock.  I am a freshman at Eastern Connecticut State University and my major is Accounting.  I am originally from Norwalk, Connecticut.  As much as I love my hometown, I now call Eastern Connecticut State University my home away from home. 

The second I stepped foot onto the campus, I knew this was the school I wanted to attend.  What really drew me to this school is how friendly everyone was, from the students to the faculty, along with how Eastern is on the smaller size, campus and student wise.  Also, the class sizes are small so the students and teachers get to know each other very well.  I also play Women's Lacrosse at Eastern.  As a freshman, the whole athletic department welcomed me like I have been here for years.  Being on the lacrosse team is very helpful when it comes to time management, discipline, and other tools that will make me successful throughout college and after college. 

Eastern Connecticut State University offers a lot of variety when it comes to school related activities, clubs, sports, and so on.  Whether you join an extracurricular activity or not, you will still meet a lot of new and amazing people on the campus and learn a lot through your years here at Eastern.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and I hope you see you all around campus one day!

About Ellen Devlin

Hello prospective students! I hope you all are enjoying the journey of essay writing, and college visits as high school is winding down for you. Hopefully Eastern is your top choice, as it was for me :)

     The campus is beautiful and the small class sizes make it a great experience, allowing you to create a bond with the teachers and peers that surround you. As a senior, I am dreading the real world and wish I could stay at Eastern just a little bit longer! I applied to Eastern my freshman year knowing I wanted to major in Elementary Education and English and have stuck with that since. I became involved on campus as soon as I had the opportunity, running cross country and track for Eastern and being an active member of the Education Club on Campus. I was the treasurer last year for the Education Club and was elected to be the Vice President for this year. I look forward to my Student Teaching in the spring and then the journey of becoming a teacher in the near future.

I hope you all have the same experiences here at Eastern that I have had, and hope that you will take advantage of every opportunity that awaits you! Good Luck!




About Jorge Verde


Greetings my fellow prospective student, my name is Jorge Verde and I'm a freshman here at Eastern Connecticut State University.  I've been at Eastern for less than a year but I can tell you from experience that it's been really easy to get involved and meet great people.  In case you are wondering, I am planning on majoring in business administration with a minor in accounting.  I am also part of a couple of clubs here which have opened my eyes about all the possibilities and opportunities I have here at Eastern Connecticut State University.  I've joined the English Club and the Radio club and plan on joining the Music Society.  This is one of the positive outlooks of Eastern; it has a lot of clubs that best fit your personality.  College seems scary at first because it's a big step in life, but once you get here you will have the best time of your young life.  If you have any questions about anything whatsoever, feel free to contact me.  I hope reading this short bio helped you learn a little bit about the impact Eastern Connecticut State University has had on me so far.  So consider coming to Eastern Connecticut State University next year and make something good out of your life.

About Jennifer Pierce


Welcome to Eastern!  I'm Jennifer Pierce and I'm in my third year at Eastern, I will actually be graduating early (August 2012). I created my own Individualized major here is Museum Studies.  I am from Michigan and Ontario and decided to come to the New England area for college. My (now) husband is in the Navy and stationed in Groton, CT,  I wanted to move closer to him and that's why I chose the New England area, however I picked Eastern because it was the best choice for me!  I came from a small community and a small high school; I didn't want a huge university where I was simply a number and not a person. Here at Eastern you really get that one on one experience with teachers and professionals.  After graduation my next goal is to become a museum curator and though I might not still be in Connecticut, the lessons I've learned, friends I've made and connections that have occurred will always be a constant reminder of  the great school that I attended,  Eastern Connecticut State University.

About Sara Colucci

Hello and welcome to Eastern Connecticut State University! My name is Sara Colucci and I am a junior here majoring in Psychology with a Child and Youth concentration. I am from Rochester, New Hampshire and have lived there for most of my life. Coming to Eastern was by far the best decision that I have made. The campus here is friendly, inviting, and energetic and really makes you feel like you belong. Over my past three years here Eastern has become a second home for me. One of my biggest passions is to travel. I have been to many places within the US and also visited Canada, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden. I plan on studying abroad this coming summer in Italy and during my stay, taking a tour of other European countries. Another one of my interest is in athletics. Besides being a huge supporter for the sports teams here on campus, I cheer for all the professional New England teams. As a psychology major I am very involved with the Psychology club here on campus. They put on many awareness events and also provide the club with socials such as graduate panels, movies, and gatherings. I am proud to call myself an Eastern Connecticut State University student and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you. 



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