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Welcome to the School of Continuing Education

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for clock twr4.jpg Welcome to the School of Continuing Education blog!  We hope that you will interact with us and with other CE students.  If you have nitty-gritty questions about going back to college as an adult, it may be easier to ask one of your fellow students--they are great resources.  So, we hope that you will reach out to each other and support each other on this exciting journey of completing your bachelor's degree.  We also have a group of very dedicated advisors here in the school who are here to assist you.  Don't hesitate to ask questions on the blog.  We'll do our best to answer them.


If you should start to get discouraged about the difficulty of managing college along with everything else, just visualize yourself walking across the stage at commencement in a few years.  We know that it is difficult adding the role of "student" to your life.  But most students find that once they fit the additional time and energy into their lives, they are able to manage it. 


We have several ways that you may be able to speed up progress toward a degree.  Have you heard about the CLEP and DSST exams?  They are multiple choice tests that you can take to earn college credit for subjects that you already know.  And they are much less expensive than a course.  Any of our advisors can provide info about these exams or visit our website at

You can also call us at (860) 465-0206 or comment.


From Carol Williams, Associate Dean

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