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Working Moms in College

Are you a working mom, putting yourself through school?  If so, you Thumbnail image for GY.JPGmight be interested in a recent study conducted by researchers from the  Center for Women and Work at Rutgers University.  I would guess that your motivations for returning to school were similar to these women's--to improve their career and to serve as role models for their children.  However, once these women started back to school, there were some surprising outcomes:


·                     Mothers identify themselves as lifelong students and learners, when originally they did not.

·                     Mothers want to succeed in their programs for themselves and for their children.

·                     Mothers feel that they become better parents because they can assist their children with homework and serve as role models.

·                     Mothers gain the confidence to consider additional education.

·                     Mothers feel they become more self-disciplined and have greater self-direction.


I'll bet you resemble these remarks!


In case you are wondering about the value of continuing your education, the Project Working Mom report, available at reports the following:


 The Importance of an Educated Mother

·                     Thirty-nine percent of mothers are primary breadwinners earning the majority of their family's income; 62.8 percent are breadwinners or co-breadwinners earning at least a quarter of their family's income.
Source: The Center for American Progress, "The Shriver Report," October 2009.

·                     Seventy-one percent of women with children younger than 18 years of age are in the labor force; 76 percent work full-time. Seventy-six percent of single mothers with children younger than 18 years of age are in the labor force; 82 percent work full-time.
Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Women's Law Center, "The Reality of the Workforce: Mothers are Working Outside the Home," February, 2008.

·                     Thirteen percent of working single mothers and their families live in poverty.
Source:  U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, 2007 Annual Social and Economic Supplement, 2006 Detailed Poverty Tables, POV15.

·                     Americans with only a high school diploma are twice as likely to be unemployed compared to those with at least a bachelor's degree. The December unemployment rate for Americans 25 years or older with at least a bachelor's degree was 5.0 percent, while the unemployment rate for people with only a high school diploma was 10.5 percent.  
Source:  U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

·                     In 2008, more than 70 percent of Americans aged 25 and older did not have a bachelor's degree.  
Source: U.S. Census Bureau Report, Educational Attainment in the United States, 2008.

·                     Over the span of their working lives, on average, college graduates earn about 60 percent more than high school graduates, and graduates with advanced degrees earn two to three times more than those with only a high school diploma.
Source: College Board's Education Pays: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society, 2007.

Keep up the hard but good work of balancing home, family, school and everything else--it will pay off in the end.

Best regards, Carol


Carol J. Williams, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

School of Continuing Education



Summer Study in Spain Still Has Space

Are you interested in studying in beautiful Alicante, Spain this summer? 

There is an informational meeting on Thurs., Feb. 25th at 4 pm in Webb Hall in Room 212. 

Please, call 860-465-0207 with any questions, or if you cannot attend that meeting but are interested in going on this Study Tour.

Did I mention that Alicante is a seaside city with a gorgeous beach? 

Study Tours: What Are They? What About Spain?

What is a Study Tour?


It's an Eastern educational adventure, studying for a course in a real life setting in another part of the country or in another country, usually over one to five weeks.  Please, see the upcoming Study Tour to Spain as an example.


Thumbnail image for SpainStudyTour2.jpg SUMMER STUDY IN



May 28 - June 25, 2010


The total cost of the program is approximately $4100* (exchange rate between USA $ and EU Euro, subject to fluctuations) which includes:

  • Airfare: Boston - Alicante - Boston
  • Room and board with a host family and three meals per day
  • Tuition for up to 6 credits
  •  Intensive courses in language, literature and culture
  • Required textbooks and some additional materials
  • Transcripts for course work completed with a passing grade
  • Guided tours of Alicante and nearby sites
  • Health insurance

Provides an intensive four-week, twenty hours per week program of formal study, and opportunity for an experience of total immersion in Spain's social life, culture and regional customs, in one of its best Mediterranean provinces.  Alicante is located on a beautiful bay, at the center of the Costa Blanca, a major seashore resort with a rich and diverse cultural life.  No previous knowledge of Spanish is required.  Upon arrival in Alicante, students undergo a two-day session of cultural and academic orientation which includes a placement test. Classes are small--about eight students--and taught by the faculty at the host institution, Colegio Internacional, Instituto de Estudios Hispanicos.  Departmental approval needed for registration.  Limited space.

*tentative dates and price, subject to change

The course that goes with this trip is SPA 365: Selected Topics in Language, Literature, and Culture.  There will be an informational meeting on Thurs., Feb. 25th at 4 pm in Webb Hall. Room to be determined.  Please, call 860-465-0207 with any questions or if you are interested in going on this Study Tour.

 Other upcoming trips are:

1.       Greece, summer 2010  Still looking for more students.

2.       Spain, summer 2010  Still looking for more students.

3.       Italy, summer 2010  Full

4.       Jamaica, spring, 2010  Full

5.       London, England, summer 2010  Full

6.       Ghana, Africa, summer 2010.

Visit   for information about Study Tours.  Call 860-465-0207 for the latest information.


-From the Webmaster



Will You Finish Your Degree This Year?

If you are graduating this year, please consider attending Commencement on Sunday, May 23.

Thumbnail image for DSC_1284.jpgDid you know that every year, 20-25 % of the Eastern graduates completed their requirements as part-time students in the School of Continuing Education!  It's true--so you won't be alone.  And if you have earned a 3.5 grade point average or higher, you will graduate with honors and be given a gold honor cord to wear.


Another thing you might not know, you have to "apply" to graduate.  If you are at the end of your program and have NOT filled out the degree application, contact your advisor immediately so that you can get this done.  The deadline has gone by but they will probably still accept your application.


 Btw, you can participate in Commencement as long as you will be completing your requirements in the following summer term. 


Some adult students feel like it is kind of silly to go to Commencement, but I think you would be glad you did and your family members probably would too.  I have been at Eastern for many years and have attended many wonderful Eastern Commencements so I was a little skeptical when a decision was made to move the Eastern Commencement ceremony to the XL Center in Hartford.  However, having now attended the ceremony there, I can highly recommend it to you.  ALL of your family and loved ones can attend (which was not the case before due to limited seating).  And they have those large screen projectors so you can really be seen by everyone as you cross the stage. 


For more information click on this link:



Carol J. Williams, Associate Dean, School of Continuing Education

What's Happening in Spring--from the Webmaster


I'm Susan Crowley, the Webmaster for the School of Continuing Education.  Today I'd like to talk to you about Spring Semester.  This semester we have courses that start later, which gives you the added benefit of selecting from some more courses that might fit your busy schedule.

There's BUS 365, Business Report Writing w/ Micro Applications, a dynamite course. For any BGS major, this course satisfies the 075 writing intensive requirement. 

There are several other courses to fit various educational needs and scholarly pursuits.  If you go to this link: , you will find when you scroll down that I've highlighted them for you. 

Registration for Spring courses that start later, can be done in person at the Register's Office, by mail, or by fax.

So have a happy and productive Spring Semester. 

Bye for now.

The Webmaster  


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