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Summer Registration is Open!

Thumbnail image for new12.jpg  Enjoy the summer even more by getting ahead in your coursework.  Come and visit and see all the options available this summer.  Now is the time in your life to push forward and realize your potential.  Eastern is here to help.  Questions?  Make an advisor appointment today by calling 860-465-0206.  Phone advisement appointments are also available.


-- Susan Crowley, Webmaster

The Qualities of An Administrator at Eastern

I can only speak as an administrator for the School of Continuing Education, but let me tell you what I believe important qualities are in order to be effective in my position. Since it is important to me that all students who contact us or come into the School of Continuing Education are able to be heard and get the service they need I have to have the following qualities:

·         Be respectful

·         Be willing to listen and take the time to hear what students are asking

·         Trust that those I work with will always do what is best for students and that they will always do their jobs in the best possible fashion

·         Manage a complex organization whereby the needs of faculty, staff, students and administration alike are met in a timely fashion

·         Be responsive and follow up in a reasonable amount of time

·         Be organized and know how to find information when needed

·         Let others know that they matter and that they are important to you

·         Hold myself and others to high standards

·         Be true to my values and the values of Eastern

·         Know that whatever I say has an impact and that words matter

·         Be creative and respectful of other ideas

·         Be a facilitator to bring differing disciplines together for new interdisciplinary programs

·         Rely on others and trust in their judgment

·         Believe in what I do each and every day

·         Be enthusiastic and enjoy the ride!


Dr. Shelly Gimenez

Dean of the School of Continuing Education



Adult Students: You Are Not Alone!

You are not alone.  Do you ever feel like you are the only adult student out there juggling job, home, kids and school!  Well, you are not alone.  There are almost 2,000 active part-time students at Eastern.  Each semester about 700-800 of them are registered for classes.  And a large proportion of each graduating class is comprised of part-time students.


Last year approximately 200 of the over 800 graduates completed their degrees by attending part-time.  Over 100 students were awarded the BGS degree, and of that number, 46 managed to earn graduation honors!  We here in the School find that the advent of the off-campus Fast Track degree programs has shortened the amount of time that it takes to complete the BGS degree.  Half of the part-time students completed other degrees such as Business, Psychology, Sociology and so on.  For those of you who are finishing we hope that you will plan to attend the Commencement ceremony that will be held at the Xcel Center on Sunday, May 23.  All of your friends and family are invited to attend.  It sounds like an impersonal place but I assure you that the event has a very warm "Eastern" feeling to it.  Here is the link to the Commencement information 


If you feel it is taking you too long to finish your degree, call one of our advisors to talk about ways that you might be able to speed things up.  You could consider taking CLEP or DSST exams, applying for Credit for Lifelong Learning (CLL) or using your summer vacation to take one or more weeklong intensive summer courses at Eastern.


Carol J. Williams, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

School of Continuing Education


Need More Information?

Do you need more information from the School of Continuing Education?  Here's our email:

The School's directory is:



Susan Crowley, Webmaster

Spring is here at Eastern with Lots to Do

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for NatureDSC_1437.jpgSpring is making its appearance at Eastern with flowers, and the flood waters in neighboring areas are receding.  With Spring, there's lots to do here.  Current students are registering for Fall as per schedule.  To see the schedule, visit the News page. 

Registration for Summer courses is open to everyone. 

Some people are signing up for Summer Study Tours to Greece or Ghana.  Visit Study Tours to find out more. 

As you can see, there's lots to do.  Drop by the School of Continuing Education and discover your summer possibilities.


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