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Memorial Day Mothers

j0400667.jpgAbout seven years ago outside of Epinal, France, I went to a cemetery where soldiers were buried as far as the eye can see. The cemetery marked the graves of those that had fought in World War II, and it was a memorable and emotional sight. There were fallen soldiers of all faiths from all walks of life who came to this remote resting place. The graves told me when they were born, when they died and the markers told me what their faith was.  Christians, Jews, and Muslims all resting together. They lived together and came to their final resting place in a land far away from home fighting for the values we hold so dear. This beautiful, peaceful place left a lasting impression on me.

I have two sons who are in the Army. One of my sons is now serving in Afghanistan and the other is currently stationed stateside. It doesn't matter what you stand for or what you believe when it comes to war. It does matter that as a mother I want my sons to be safe. I am proud of them because of who they are, their service and the responsibility they have to defend our way of life and our country. They are two wonderful young men who have a great deal of loyalty to their country and their branch of service. They are like the many thousands of others that came before them and those that will come after them who are willing to die for their country.

The cemetery in that remote part of France left a lasting impression. I hope that I never have to walk among the graves of such a place that is marked with one of my son's names. It is the hope of all mothers. 


--Dr. Shelly Gimenez, Dean of the School of Continuing Education

So many choices. So many options. And Twitter and Facebook too.

The School of Continuing Education at Eastern is reaching out to those that would like more information about all the educational opportunities we have to offer. We have:

  • night courses
  • EasternOnline courses
  • hybrid courses (part online and part on-campus)
  • courses at off-campus sites
  • one week long courses
  • two week long courses
  • three week long courses
  • traditional courses on campus but 3 different summer sessions to choose from
  • Saturday courses

There is a great deal of flexibility in scheduling.  Our advisors are here to help you choose the right schedule that meets your needs.  You can arrange an advisement appointment by calling 860-465-0206. Phone advisement appointments are also available.

And to be even more available, the School of Continuing Education is now on Twitter and Facebook.


Just a friendly word from

Susan Crowley, Webmaster at the School of Continuing Education

Why Would An Adult Student Choose Eastern?

When I went back to school years ago, I didn't have the ability to choose flexible scheduling, online courses, blended courses, one week, two week or three week courses or any other flexible format. I didn't have the ability to go to an off-campus site or to a site near my home at the community college where I could take an Eastern course. I didn't have wonderful professional advisors who got to know me personally or who cared about my "whole being" or my success. I didn't have the ability to just drop in and ask a question nor did I have the ability to capitalize on my life experiences by demonstrating knowledge for academic credit.

Why would I choose Eastern? Because as the Dean of the School of Continuing Education, I make absolutely sure that our students have all that I didn't have plus a first rate liberal arts education which also provides opportunities for research and experiential learning. We care here at Eastern. We provide an excellent education, practical knowledge and skills that give adults the edge in a tough job market. If I had the opportunity in the past to go to a school such as Eastern with the resources it provides, I would be an Eastern graduate!!!!!!


--Dr. Shelly Gimenez, Dean of the School of Continuing Education




Why Take A Course in Summer Session?

Summer Courses begin on May 24th at Eastern. Register now and get ready. For information call 860-465-0206.

Why take a course in summer session?

1. Some federal financial aid is available for summer courses

2. Relaxing atmosphere

3. Beautiful campus

4. Make up dropped courses

5. Focus on only one course

6. Tackle your most difficult subject

7. Consider taking an internship

8. Graduate in four years

9. Take a fun studio course

10. Courses available on and off-campus

11. Take an EasternOnline course in your bunny slippers

There's more, but I think you get the idea. See you at Eastern this summer!


--From Susan Crowley, Webmaster

Attention All Mothers: Have You Thought of Yourself?

Attention all Mothers!  Mother's Day is the best day of the year to decide to go back to school!  Have you been thinking that you should get around to taking some courses so that you can finish that degree that you may have abandoned when you started your family.  Well.....this Mother's Day give yourself the gift of coming to see one of the advisors in the School of CE to see how quickly you would be able to finish your degree at Eastern.  Even if your children are still young, you can probably fit in one course a semester.   And then by the time they are in high school, perhaps you will be finished or close to being so.  With all that you give to others in your family and in your community, don't forget to give back to yourself.  You can make an advisement appointment by calling 860 465-0206.


--From Associate Dean Carol Williams

A Silver Lining in a Dark Economy

There are many silver linings even in a dark economy, however it was perceived to be j0409496.jpgdarker last year. The students that we see are excited about the prospect of continuing their education. When students come to us they are hopeful, and when they leave us they are even more hopeful. Many of the students see this as an opportunity to better themselves.


Most of the part time populations we serve through the School of Continuing Education are working adults. These students pursue many different degrees at Eastern although we have a specific degree through our school, the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS), targeted towards working adults 25 years old and older. Approximately one quarter of the adult students we serve pursue BGS. 


The School of Continuing Education is not responsible for the full time student population at Eastern. However we do serve all students (part time and full time) during summer and winter sessions since we are responsible for all courses offered during those sessions, through EasternOnline, and the through the BGS. Among that population could be working adults who are commuters. Many of our students have lost jobs and have come back to school either as part time, full time or graduate students.   


Eastern has approximately 80 undergraduate courses online which students take primarily in summer and winter sessions. Our primary focus has been to create a meaningful experience through a blend of courses mostly taken at Eastern either on campus or at off campus sites including community college sites, complimented by online or blended courses. We try to deliver coursework to adult students through flexible deliveries that are convenient to take, many times in an accelerated format. We take great care when we consider where and when we will deliver a course and the duration of the course. We have one week, two week, three week, five week and seven week formats and well as semester long courses. We are very creative in trying to meet the needs of adults. Goals of adult students communicated to our advisors reinforce the fact that they want convenient scheduling, access to courses and want to finish in the fastest time possible. Adult students are looking to satisfy either a requirement on the job, are looking for a job, are looking for an edge in the marketplace and are looking for marketable skills. More and more employers are requesting bachelor's degrees and additional skill sets that can be obtained by specialized training and or certificates.


Adult students are reinventing themselves by pursuing the new "green certificates" or "green degrees" and by looking at the Healthcare fields in creative ways. Many adult students pursue education in completely different fields, by going for additional Para- professional or allied health training through online certificate programs. The reasons are varied but what we see is that they want to make sure they stay competitive in the marketplace. So they are continually looking to add to their skill sets and to their educational foundation. Eastern has taken steps to create new certificate programs that address the trends. We are continually adding new initiatives to respond to the changing marketplace through bundling or creating new credit bearing opportunities which can be used as building blocks toward a bachelor's degree.

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