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Are You Prepared to Go to College?

You probably have been shopping to get all your supplies.  If you have an online course, you've probably made sure your password works so you can get into your online courses.  You've checked the Student Portal and gotten into your email for any notices from the college. 

But you may be in that last minute fix of trying to find the right course.  The advisors in the School of Continuing Education are here to help.  It's not too late to schedule an advisement appointment or even an advisement appointment by phone.  Call the School of Continuing Education at 860-465-0206.

Let us help you get prepared.  Eastern starts the Fall Term on August 30th.  Happy Semester!


--All the best from the Web Team



Don't Put Off until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today!

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  The hardest part of going back to college is taking that first step......but don't let yourself procrastinate any longer.  You will be surprised at how supportive the advisors are here in Continuing Education.  And we know you will be surprised at how well you will do in the classroom.  In this economy it is dangerous not to have a bachelor's degree credential when so many others do.  Come see us and we will figure out the best way for you to finish your bachelor's degree!  Call 860.465.0206 for an appointment with an advisor.  Classes start August 30th.


From Associate Dean Carol J. Williams

Why Education?

waterway.jpgWhy should you or anyone else who is an adult go on for a degree with all the other responsibilities tugging at you? After all you have been able to get this far...but in the back of your mind you may have been is time...I really would like to finish...I always wanted this....but I am too old...but it may be too late, I don't have enough money.

I am here as a living testimonial to tell you that it is never too late, that we are never too old and that money is always a problem but should never be the barrier to completing your education. The hardest step to take is the first one....and there are always reasons and excuses not to pick up the phone to make that first appointment. But should you want to "give yourself the best gift anyone can give themselves" and open up doors that you thought would always be closed to you...then do pick up the phone to make that first advisement appointment. Take that first class...experience that first success and before you know will be on your way to what you thought was only a dream and very far away.

Sitting outside of my office is a mother with a baby carrier. She has three children and she is registering for one of her last two classes. She is almost there and said but it seems forever...and here it is. I asked her why she is going for her degree and she said "I expect my children to go to college. How can I expect them to go if I don't get my degree? I want them to follow my example." So take that first step...because I can tell you from my own experience that opportunities are there for you that you never dreamed possible and you are the best example a parent can be. 

 From Dean Shelly Gimenez 

Fall 2010 is Almost Here! Register Now!


This is the perfect time to think about going back to college.  Or do you have an associate's degree and know that getting your bachelor's will help you at your job?  We have a lot of educational options for you.  Visit our website at  and look around.  Unsure of what courses to take first?  Give the School of Continuing Education a call at 860-465-0206.  Ask for an advisement appointment.  Phone advisement appointments are also available. 

This could be a whole new beginning for you.  Start this Fall.  The School of Continuing Education at Eastern is here to help.


From Susan Crowley, Webmaster

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