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Summer Classes


Well, Summer Session A began yesterday, May 23rd, the day after a stirring Commencement Ceremony at the  XL Center.  It may not feel like summer yet but warm weather IS coming.   Over the years, and I have been here at Eastern many summers, I have heard both faculty and students talk about the special dynamic that emerges in summer classes.  There seems to be a "we're all in it together" mentality toward learning that develops.  The classes are smaller and more intimate as a result.  And generally people are very motivated--they signed up for that summer course for a particular reason.  If you are taking a class this summer, I hope that you will really enjoy it.  Let us know how your summer experience is going.


Carol J. Williams, Associate Dean, School of Continuing Education

Commencement is Just Around the Corner!



It seems like only yesterday when the semester spring began. The time has flown for me . . . but I am sure that those who are trying to complete their last requirements have not had time to reflect on what their degrees will mean to them. Each day I am reminded of the struggles of our students and ultimately their successes. One of the best parts of my job is to greet graduates as they go through Commencement. I am thrilled when I see the smiles, the joy and the faces of family members. It has not yet been internalized by those who are graduating that they are ending this part of their journey and new beginnings are just around the corner. Uncertainty starts to set in when one thinks "what's next?". What is next is what has been worked for, dreamed about, strived for, and sacrificed for. One may ask "is it worth it?". Graduates, it is totally worth it!!!! You will feel a sense of pride that you will have with you for the rest of your lives. You are empowered with a new sense of purpose. You are prepared. You will know that there is nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it. After all... you reached your goal of graduating from Eastern Connecticut State University. Enjoy your wonderful've earned it!

Dr. Shelly Gimenez

Dean of the School of Continuing Education

Eastern Connecticut State University


Study Tips: Test Taking

The optimum retention of information occurs when you study for a test after the first day of class and a little bit every day thereafter.  If you didn't do that, here's what you can do. 

1.       Put together all your materials for reviews, notes, charts, glossaries, corrected assignments, corrected tests and quizzes.

2.       Make sure you have scheduled enough time to study for each exam.

3.       Take advantage of the tutoring services at the Academic Services Center

4.       Go to any review sessions, ask questions about anything you don't have a clear understanding of, ask what will be on the exam--it can't hurt.  Take any additional handouts meant as study guides.

5.       Always attend the last class prior to the exam.  There may be items mentioned then that you'll need to focus on.

6.       If you belong to a study group, set up practice quizzes.  Discuss everything that could be on the test.

7.       Create a study sheet checklist to go over important information and then check off each item as you review them.

8.       Remember to eat just enough before the exam, so you will have energy. 

9.       Remember to go to the rest room before the exam.

10.   Try to get a good night's sleep prior to your final.

11.   Set two alarms so you will wake on time.  Place these alarms beyond your reach, across the room. 

12.   Arrive at the room for the test at least five minutes early. 

13.   Good luck!

If you would like to see how to organize your notes, please, go to

To check out the Academic Services Center, go to


--This message courtesy of Susan Crowley, Webmaster

Study Tips

Study Tips

-          The syllabus is your key as to when tests happen, deadlines for assignments and projects, and contact information.

Studying From Notes

-          Take your  notes for a course and do the following:

-          Keep all the notes for one course in the same notebook and number the pages.

-          Highlight terms and definitions in yellow.

-          Highlight questions and answers in yellow.

-          If you see something you do not understand, highlight it in pink--that means you will ask a question about it on the next day of class.

-          When you do get that answer, rewrite the question with the answer and highlight in yellow.

-          Return to the page where that question was highlighted in pink, checkmark it, and put the page number of the answer.

-          Draw a yellow box around case studies and examples of problems. 

-          Every time you take notes from a class, try to spend at least 30 minutes reviewing it.

Studying from the reading

-          Keep up with the reading

-          Be sure to insert these notes with the appropriate section of study in your notebook so you have consistency.

-          Take notes and write down questions on anything confusing from class

-          Highlight those notes same as above

-          Pre-read the next reading assignment to prepare for class

-          Write up questions on anything confusing

-          Make charts, tables, and diagrams of information to study

-          Take notes in margins of the book

Writing assignments and projects

-          Read carefully and write them out as if they are a test

-          Do as soon as they are assigned.  This gives you extra time if you need to ask the professor additional questions.

More on studying for exams next week.  Be sure to get enough sleep and eat healthy to optimize your study time.  Need help?  Visit the Academic Services Center at  It's located in the lower level of the J.E. Smith Library.

--Susan Crowley, Webmaster

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