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Welcome to Eastern!


Hello students, both returning and new . . . Welcome to Eastern . . . it is good to see you on the campus. The tempo of students gives life to what would be simply buildings, pulse to the energy we feel when you are here and joy to those who are here to serve you. You may think that "joy" is an overstatement, but not true. It took commitment on your part to come to Eastern or to continue your studies. It means that you value your education and your time spent here. It means that you put aside daily routines and tho25653_380126519838_23286604838_3552731_1189936_n.jpgughts of uncertainty and took the plunge. You are special. You didn't know how special you are. Not everyone has the commitment you have to continue or to start anew. Not everyone takes the first step or continues walking the walk. Not everyone can see what you see -- the path to a better future. It does matter that you came and therefore, I say that I feel joy knowing that you are here. My job is worthwhile because you value your time and you are spending your valuable time with us.


Dean Rochelle Giménez 

School of Continuing Education


Do You or Someone You Care about Live in Southeastern Connecticut?

Do you have 60 or more prior college credits and live in southeastern Connecticut?  If so, youGail Turner.jpg should check out the Off-Campus Programs page on the School of Continuing Education's website.  Eastern maintains a site in Groton where Eastern courses are offered in the evenings and on Saturdays. You can complete a "Fast Track" Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree with a concentration in either Management or Human Services Administration.  Classes are offered in seven-week modules, either two nights a week or one day a week on Saturdays.  This program is especially appropriate for those with an associate degree from Three Rivers Community College.

Gail Turner is the Eastern Groton Site coordinator and a wonderful advisor.  She will spend time with you to figure out the best way to complete your bachelor's degree in a timely way.  You can even take advantage of our well-established Credit for Lifelong Learning program to get credit for what you have previously learned on the job.  To get started, call Gail at (860) 446-9457 or e-mail

P.S. There is a special scholarship available for part-time students who attend the Groton Site.  Through the generosity of the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, 10 individuals with financial need will be able to receive a $500 R.E.A.C.H. scholarship this fall.  See Gail for details.


Carol Williams, Associate Dean
School of Continuing Education at Eastern

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