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Study Tips

Study Tips

-          The syllabus is your key as to when tests happen, deadlines for assignments and projects, and contact information.

Studying From Notes

-          Take your  notes for a course and do the following:

-          Keep all the notes for one course in the same notebook and number the pages.

-          Highlight terms and definitions in yellow.

-          Highlight questions and answers in yellow.

-          If you see something you do not understand, highlight it in pink--that means you will ask a question about it on the next day of class.

-          When you do get that answer, rewrite the question with the answer and highlight in yellow.

-          Return to the page where that question was highlighted in pink, checkmark it, and put the page number of the answer.

-          Draw a yellow box around case studies and examples of problems. 

-          Every time you take notes from a class, try to spend at least 30 minutes reviewing it.

Studying from the reading

-          Keep up with the reading

-          Be sure to insert these notes with the appropriate section of study in your notebook so you have consistency.

-          Take notes and write down questions on anything confusing from class

-          Highlight those notes same as above

-          Pre-read the next reading assignment to prepare for class

-          Write up questions on anything confusing

-          Make charts, tables, and diagrams of information to study

-          Take notes in margins of the book

Writing assignments and projects

-          Read carefully and write them out as if they are a test

-          Do as soon as they are assigned.  This gives you extra time if you need to ask the professor additional questions.

Be sure to get enough sleep and eat healthy to optimize your study time.  Need help?  Visit the Academic Services Center at  It's located in the lower level of the J.E. Smith Library.

--Susan Crowley, Webmaster

How to Make Time for College

Some of you are back in school for the first time in quite a while.  You Library3.jpgmight be panicking, thinking, "How can I possibly fit in all this extra work on top of my already busy life?"  Well, it is possible to do it.  I was just talking with our new student assistant, who is 25 years old, and his 'secret' would work for any of us.  In order to stay on top of your school work, you need to be organized with your time using every spare minute productively.  It will be a huge help if you have a planning calendar, either electronic or paper, and plot out all the little time blocks that you might normally waste and use them to study.  For example, if you have to wait while picking up your kids, be sure that you have course materials with you to review.  That reminds me that to be an efficient student it is critical that you take good notes in class -- then you will have something valuable to review while waiting to pick up your kids! 


My husband is a college teacher and I am amazed when he tells me how many young students take NO notes in class.  If you take good notes and review them frequently, you should be in good shape for most classes.  Usually, faculty members tell you in class what they want you to know for exams. 


If you do find yourself struggling in a class, don't be too proud to ask for help.  The Academic Services Center in the lower level of the Library has tutoring services as well as a Writing and Math Center.  Check out their services and hours at


Most of us who work in the School of Continuing Education have been adult students at some point in our lives.  We know you can do this!  Don't hesitate to call us for assistance or for an advisement appointment, (860) 465-0206.


Carol J. Williams, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

School of Continuing Education

Eastern Connecticut State University

Welcome to Eastern!


Hello students, both returning and new . . . Welcome to Eastern . . . it is good to see you on the campus. The tempo of students gives life to what would be simply buildings, pulse to the energy we feel when you are here and joy to those who are here to serve you. You may think that "joy" is an overstatement, but not true. It took commitment on your part to come to Eastern or to continue your studies. It means that you value your education and your time spent here. It means that you put aside daily routines and tho25653_380126519838_23286604838_3552731_1189936_n.jpgughts of uncertainty and took the plunge. You are special. You didn't know how special you are. Not everyone has the commitment you have to continue or to start anew. Not everyone takes the first step or continues walking the walk. Not everyone can see what you see -- the path to a better future. It does matter that you came and therefore, I say that I feel joy knowing that you are here. My job is worthwhile because you value your time and you are spending your valuable time with us.


Dean Rochelle Giménez 

School of Continuing Education


What the School of Continuing Education Does!

As an integral part of Eastern Connecticut State University, the School of Continuing Education (SCE) has a multi-faceted role in serving the residents of Connecticut.

SCE is dedicated to advising adults who want to return to college to finish their degree or attend college for the first time. The advisors in the School of Continuing Education are experts at assisting part-time and Bachelor of General Studies students.  Our Fast Track Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) Degree Completion Program was designed for busy individuals who are at least 25 years old and who already have 60 or more prior college credits. The Fast Track is the quickest, most efficient way for most people to finish their bachelor's degree. In addition, you can accelerate your degree in many ways, through Credit for Life Long Learning, Fast Track courses, and by taking CLEP and DSST tests.

In addition, SCE runs a comprehensive winter and summer session schedule with such choices as online classes and accelerated classes in one-week, two-week, three-week and five- or six-week formats. Many students accelerate their degree by taking these accelerated formats.

In addition to college credit courses, the School of Continuing Education offers thousands of professional, non-credit courses through its affiliation with Gatlin Educational Services/Ed2Go.  Every fall and spring, the school makes available the SHRM® Learning System course for those seeking to take the Society of Human Resources examination.

SCE provides additional learning opportunities to all Eastern students with:

·         Off-campus sites (Groton, Sub Base, and Manchester and Capital Community Colleges) 

·         EasternOnline

·         Global Field Courses, which are short-term study abroad experiences

The School of Continuing Education also manages facility rentals to organizations in the community.

If you have questions, please, call (860) 465-0206.

Associate Dean Carol Williams
School of Continuing Education at Eastern

Now is the Time to Go to College!

Do you want to go to college? Do you have credits from your past college experience but did not complete your degree? Find out what you need to know from an Eastern Connecticut State University advisor at our convenient off-campus site in Groton. Information Sessions are at 6 p.m. on Monday evenings.  Call Gail at (860) 446-9457.

Fall Registration is Open to the Public

Registration for the Fall has opened to the public.

If you haven't registered before, go to

To see all courses, go to

--Susan Crowley, Webmaster

Continue Your Bachelor's Degree at Manchester Community College (MCC)

If you missed the public Info Session at MCC on April 26, don't worry.   We want you to know that if you have an associate's degree, or 60 or more prior credits and you live near Manchester, you can continue taking courses from Eastern Connecticut State University at MCC that will count toward your bachelor's degree.  Eastern is offering two "Fast Track" programs at MCC.   "Fast Track" courses are offered in 7-week modules, two courses per semester.


The first program leads to the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree with a Major Concentration in Human Services. This program has been ongoing for three years.   Courses are offered once a week on Saturdays.  The second program is new and  leads toward the BGS degree with a Major Concentration in Management.  Courses are offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  This program is available this coming Fall 2011.


To see how you can graduate through one of these "Fast Track" programs, call to speak to an Eastern advisor at (860) 465-0206.  Ask for Joanne or George.


P.S.  Most "Fast Track" students are able to finish their bachelor's degree in two years!


--Carol Williams, Associate Dean, School of Continuing Education

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