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Halfway Through the Semester

Believe it or not, in another week the semester will be half over.  This semester got off to a bit of a rocky start with Hurricane Irene, especially if you happened to have a Monday night class!  Hopefully, you have caught up by now.  If you are facing midterm tests, take a look at the blog entries that were just posted about test taking and studying.  In addition, you might be facing midterm writing assignments instead of tests.  If so, fight that tendency we all have to procrastinate!  Even if you only have a few minutes between classes or between shuttling your kids around, use that time to start on your writing assignment.  Often "starting" is the worst part, and once you get started, things flow a little better.  Revising is the easy part!  If you're really stuck, you can always consult with Eastern's Writing Center which is located in the lower level of the library.

Hang in there, the fall semester will be over before you know it.  And, speaking of that, the Wintersession 2012 and Spring 2012 schedules are posted on eWeb.  So, it is not too early to be thinking about what you will take next.  If you need assistance choosing classes, feel free to call for an appointment with a Continuing Education Advisor at (860) 465-0206. 


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