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Now is the time to think about preparing for your career after college.  The world economy is just that -- global, and it's time to enhance your education and resume with a global experience.  If you don't have the time or money for a semester abroad, then consider a Global Field Course.  Here are two upcoming Global Field Courses that you can register for now.


Register for fall 2012 EDU 457 - Global Educational Field Experience in Jamaica,Jamaica-Education.jpg a three-credit Tier II Cultural Perspective course.  Permission of the instructor, Dr. David Stoloff, is required.   You take the course in the fall and have the field experience in Jamaica during Wintersession from Jan. 2-9, 2013.

Highlights include serving as a teaching aide at an infant school, primary, junior high or high school in Hanover or St. James Parishes in Jamaica; studying ecotourism; interacting with Jamaican teachers and students; and experiencing Jamaican culture.    The approximate cost of the Jamaica portion is $1,850, which includes airfare, ground transportation, housing and most meals.)  For more information or to get on the interest list, please contact Professor Stoloff at


Hawaii.jpgRegister for fall 2012 THE 365.  Non-theatre majors are welcome.  Permission of the instructor is required.  You take the course in the fall and have the field experience in Hawaii during Wintersession from Jan. 1-13, 2013.

During the fall course, non-majors and majors are certain to have a transformative experience building a theatre piece to be performed in Hawaii in January 2013.  Highlights of the field experience include touring urban, rural and historical locations; conducting interviews; attending workshops with historians and theatre professionals; constructing playable characters; and performing on Oahu.   The approximate cost for the Hawaiian portion (without Wintersession credit) is $3,000.  For more information, email Assistant Professor J.J. Cobb at

Register now, as seats are filling up!

Registration Deadlines--It's Not Too Late

Spring Semester has started at Eastern Connecticut State University.  The last day to register for a Spring course is Jan. 23.

Registration for EasternOnline is now closed.

The Second Seven Weeks Courses run from Mar. 12 - May 12.  The last day of registration is the day the course starts. 

The following Global Field Courses (short-term study abroad) still have seats available:  Nepal (Psychology), Florence, Italy (English-Writing Abroad), Jamaica (Education), and Cuba (Art).  To learn more about these Global Field Courses, visit 

To view all Spring courses:  go to

If you would like to attend part-time or are interested in the Bachelor of General Studies, please, call 860-465-0206 to schedule an advisor appointment.  Phone advisement appointments are also available.

Carol Williams, Associate Dean
School of Continuing Education at Eastern 


When Working With Students From Other Cultures

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This week has been an interesting one. We have 45 Jamaican students on campus that bring with them experiences from their culture not only individually but as a group. When you have a group working together toward a common goal, as in this case, a bachelor's degree, we as professionals concentrate on what curriculum needs to be delivered to meet requirements toward completing the degree. We work with the students individually taking into consideration what they have already taken and what they need to take. We look toward the diploma and graduation as a labor of love knowing that we are going to change lives with the completion of their degree. However, what we don't normally take into consideration, is the vast cultural change they are going through while studying in a foreign land doing their on-campus residency. We don't realize that for many this is a list of firsts; first plane ride, first elevator ride, first escalator ride, first ride on American highways, first time in a residence hall, first time rooming with others that are not related to them, first time on a university campus, first time eating American food, first time going to an American many firsts. There are not only cultural firsts but emotional firsts. As an administrator working with these wonderful students I too have had firsts and am learning that when in a foreign land the whole person has to be taken into consideration and not just academic completion of a degree.


--Dr. Shelly Gimenez, Dean of the School of Continuing Education

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