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What's Happening in Spring--from the Webmaster


I'm Susan Crowley, the Webmaster for the School of Continuing Education.  Today I'd like to talk to you about Spring Semester.  This semester we have courses that start later, which gives you the added benefit of selecting from some more courses that might fit your busy schedule.

There's BUS 365, Business Report Writing w/ Micro Applications, a dynamite course. For any BGS major, this course satisfies the 075 writing intensive requirement. 

There are several other courses to fit various educational needs and scholarly pursuits.  If you go to this link: , you will find when you scroll down that I've highlighted them for you. 

Registration for Spring courses that start later, can be done in person at the Register's Office, by mail, or by fax.

So have a happy and productive Spring Semester. 

Bye for now.

The Webmaster  


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