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Eastern Students in Ghana and Sweden

Right now Eastern students are on Study Tours (short-term travels/coursework).  Two of the Study Tours have sent in their blog links, and we've posted them here.  Read about their exciting adventures in Ghana and Sweden.

Wouldn't you like to learn more from a course that takes you to another country?  Keep posted on that link as more Study Tours send us their blogs. 


From Susan Crowley, the Webmaster


Spring is here at Eastern with Lots to Do

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for NatureDSC_1437.jpgSpring is making its appearance at Eastern with flowers, and the flood waters in neighboring areas are receding.  With Spring, there's lots to do here.  Current students are registering for Fall as per schedule.  To see the schedule, visit the News page. 

Registration for Summer courses is open to everyone. 

Some people are signing up for Summer Study Tours to Greece or Ghana.  Visit Study Tours to find out more. 

As you can see, there's lots to do.  Drop by the School of Continuing Education and discover your summer possibilities.


Summer Study in Spain Still Has Space

Are you interested in studying in beautiful Alicante, Spain this summer? 

There is an informational meeting on Thurs., Feb. 25th at 4 pm in Webb Hall in Room 212. 

Please, call 860-465-0207 with any questions, or if you cannot attend that meeting but are interested in going on this Study Tour.

Did I mention that Alicante is a seaside city with a gorgeous beach? 

Study Tours: What Are They? What About Spain?

What is a Study Tour?


It's an Eastern educational adventure, studying for a course in a real life setting in another part of the country or in another country, usually over one to five weeks.  Please, see the upcoming Study Tour to Spain as an example.


Thumbnail image for SpainStudyTour2.jpg SUMMER STUDY IN



May 28 - June 25, 2010


The total cost of the program is approximately $4100* (exchange rate between USA $ and EU Euro, subject to fluctuations) which includes:

  • Airfare: Boston - Alicante - Boston
  • Room and board with a host family and three meals per day
  • Tuition for up to 6 credits
  •  Intensive courses in language, literature and culture
  • Required textbooks and some additional materials
  • Transcripts for course work completed with a passing grade
  • Guided tours of Alicante and nearby sites
  • Health insurance

Provides an intensive four-week, twenty hours per week program of formal study, and opportunity for an experience of total immersion in Spain's social life, culture and regional customs, in one of its best Mediterranean provinces.  Alicante is located on a beautiful bay, at the center of the Costa Blanca, a major seashore resort with a rich and diverse cultural life.  No previous knowledge of Spanish is required.  Upon arrival in Alicante, students undergo a two-day session of cultural and academic orientation which includes a placement test. Classes are small--about eight students--and taught by the faculty at the host institution, Colegio Internacional, Instituto de Estudios Hispanicos.  Departmental approval needed for registration.  Limited space.

*tentative dates and price, subject to change

The course that goes with this trip is SPA 365: Selected Topics in Language, Literature, and Culture.  There will be an informational meeting on Thurs., Feb. 25th at 4 pm in Webb Hall. Room to be determined.  Please, call 860-465-0207 with any questions or if you are interested in going on this Study Tour.

 Other upcoming trips are:

1.       Greece, summer 2010  Still looking for more students.

2.       Spain, summer 2010  Still looking for more students.

3.       Italy, summer 2010  Full

4.       Jamaica, spring, 2010  Full

5.       London, England, summer 2010  Full

6.       Ghana, Africa, summer 2010.

Visit   for information about Study Tours.  Call 860-465-0207 for the latest information.


-From the Webmaster



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