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Benefit by Getting in One Last Summer Course


The last session of Summer begins on July 26th.

It's a beautiful day on campus.

People are registering for the last session of Summer.

You know getting the jump on their degree.

To see the list of available courses, visit:


From Susan Crowley, Webmaster

Seventeen EasternOnline Courses Start July 12

Hey, it is so hot that you might want to take a summer course from the comfort of your air conditioned home!  There are 17 EasternOnline courses that begin next Monday, July 12.  Use this summer to take courses that satisfy your general education requirements or even a major course.  There are some really appealing online courses such as THE 277  Computerized Drafting (or how to create 3D images) which meets the Tier II Applied Information Technology requirement.    You can meet your Tier II Cultural Perspectives requirement by taking ART 360 American Art online.  BUS 365, Business Report Writing, can be used by BGS students to meet your Writing Intensive requirement.  One specialty course that is very interesting is SWK 369, Exploring Gambling Problems.  It is open to anyone and can be used by BGS Human Services majors for the major concentration.

For more information about EasternOnline summer courses, visit:



From Associate Dean Carol Williams


There is still time to take a Summer Course, and from the comfort of your own home!! 

Sessions B begins 7/12 and Session C begins 7/26.  Many EasternOnline courses to choose from.  Use this summer to speed up progress toward your degree and graduate on time.  

New  Financial Aid rules may make it possible for you to receive additional federal financial aid for this summer.  Click here to see late summer courses.


--From Associate Dean Carol Williams

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for World_in_hands.JPGThis course is now closed.

What does hybrid mean?  That's a course that partially in the classroom and partially online.  The New Hybrid Course is
EES 201 Global Climate Change and it starts on July 12.  This course will be on Monday evenings and online Wednesdays and Fridays.

What better time to study Global Climate Change than this summer!!

In the last 50 years the temperature and the composition of the Earth's atmosphere has changed, likely due to human activity. These changes affect our lives, the natural world and the global economy.  Can we effectively meet the challenges presented by natural and anthropogenic ("manmade") climate change? Can  we overcome them and even benefit from these changes How does the  history of climate change help us to understand the future? What was the cause of dinosaurs' extinction and Vikings' decay? These and many other questions will be discussed in this extremely dynamic class. You will be watching videos and developing skills in critical thinking, reading for comprehension, and oral and written communication. Welcome to the "Global Climate Change" summer class.


Register now for this exciting course that delves into the changes of our planet! For more information, visit or call

--From Susan Crowley, the Webmaster

Still Time to Register for Summer!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 25653_380126454838_23286604838_3552722_3908983_n.jpgWhat's great about Eastern in the summer?  Besides a beautiful campus and a relaxing atmosphere to study in, there are three summer sessions filled with courses.  Visit
and check it out. 

We have online courses (EasternOnline), courses at sites off-campus, on-campus courses, courses in the evenings, one week courses, two week courses, and three week courses as well as the traditional course.  So many choices.  

Sometimes it's hard to choose.  If you require any assistance, please, feel free to call 860-465-0206 and ask for an advisement appointment.  Advisement appointments are also available by phone.


From Susan Crowley
Webmaster at the School of Continuing Education 

Summer Course Highlights

We have a wonderful selection of EasternOnline courses available for you this summer.  Yes, it is possible to register for just one course.  It's also possible to register for more than one.  Some people use the summer to get ahead on their degree.  Others just want to take a course in their interest.  Here are some highlights to think about.


50250 ENG 214 E25
English Literature to 1798 with Dr. Clermont-Ferrand.  An exciting teacher that keeps the subject hopping in this online course from June 2 - July 8, 2010. 

Course description:  From the beginning through 1798. May include Chaucer, Sidney, Spenser, Shakespeare, Donne, Behn, Jonson, Milton, Swift, Pope, Johnson.  

To register, go here:

50201 SWK

Another dynamic professor, Dr. Broffman, is teaching Exploring Gambling Problems  online from July 12 - August 12. 

Course description: This course is designed to provide students with the fundamentals for understanding the impact of gambling in the US from a biopsychosocial perspective. It provides an overview of the social work knowledge, values, and skills used to identify, rehabilitate and prevent those affected directly and indirectly by gambling problems.

To register, go here:


The third course we're highlighting today is sheer fun.  I bet you didn't know you could draw.

50005 THE

Our fantastic Dr. Rozelle is teaching Computerized Drafting online from July 12 - August 12.
Prerequisite: LAC student with T1M course or GER student

Course description:  An introduction to the computerized drafting program SketchUP. This intuitive program allows for the creation of scaled two and three dimensional drawings. This class explores the general practices of formal drafting and involves the creation of multiple drawings designed to progressively familiarize students with the many features of this simple, but very powerful, software program.

To register, go here:

These are only three of the vast selection from online to off-campus, to on-campus to evenings, one week courses, two week courses, and three week courses, or the more traditional course.  Your choice.  If you require any assistance, please, feel free to call 860-465-0206 and ask for an advisement appointment.  Advisement appointments are also available by phone. 

Have a great summer with Eastern!  Study in a relaxed atmosphere.    


From Susan Crowley, Webmaster 

So many choices. So many options. And Twitter and Facebook too.

The School of Continuing Education at Eastern is reaching out to those that would like more information about all the educational opportunities we have to offer. We have:

  • night courses
  • EasternOnline courses
  • hybrid courses (part online and part on-campus)
  • courses at off-campus sites
  • one week long courses
  • two week long courses
  • three week long courses
  • traditional courses on campus but 3 different summer sessions to choose from
  • Saturday courses

There is a great deal of flexibility in scheduling.  Our advisors are here to help you choose the right schedule that meets your needs.  You can arrange an advisement appointment by calling 860-465-0206. Phone advisement appointments are also available.

And to be even more available, the School of Continuing Education is now on Twitter and Facebook.


Just a friendly word from

Susan Crowley, Webmaster at the School of Continuing Education

Why Take A Course in Summer Session?

Summer Courses begin on May 24th at Eastern. Register now and get ready. For information call 860-465-0206.

Why take a course in summer session?

1. Some federal financial aid is available for summer courses

2. Relaxing atmosphere

3. Beautiful campus

4. Make up dropped courses

5. Focus on only one course

6. Tackle your most difficult subject

7. Consider taking an internship

8. Graduate in four years

9. Take a fun studio course

10. Courses available on and off-campus

11. Take an EasternOnline course in your bunny slippers

There's more, but I think you get the idea. See you at Eastern this summer!


--From Susan Crowley, Webmaster

Summer Registration is Open!

Thumbnail image for new12.jpg  Enjoy the summer even more by getting ahead in your coursework.  Come and visit and see all the options available this summer.  Now is the time in your life to push forward and realize your potential.  Eastern is here to help.  Questions?  Make an advisor appointment today by calling 860-465-0206.  Phone advisement appointments are also available.


-- Susan Crowley, Webmaster

Spring is here at Eastern with Lots to Do

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for NatureDSC_1437.jpgSpring is making its appearance at Eastern with flowers, and the flood waters in neighboring areas are receding.  With Spring, there's lots to do here.  Current students are registering for Fall as per schedule.  To see the schedule, visit the News page. 

Registration for Summer courses is open to everyone. 

Some people are signing up for Summer Study Tours to Greece or Ghana.  Visit Study Tours to find out more. 

As you can see, there's lots to do.  Drop by the School of Continuing Education and discover your summer possibilities.


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