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How to Make Time for College

Some of you are back in school for the first time in quite a while.  You Library3.jpgmight be panicking, thinking, "How can I possibly fit in all this extra work on top of my already busy life?"  Well, it is possible to do it.  I was just talking with our new student assistant, who is 25 years old, and his 'secret' would work for any of us.  In order to stay on top of your school work, you need to be organized with your time using every spare minute productively.  It will be a huge help if you have a planning calendar, either electronic or paper, and plot out all the little time blocks that you might normally waste and use them to study.  For example, if you have to wait while picking up your kids, be sure that you have course materials with you to review.  That reminds me that to be an efficient student it is critical that you take good notes in class -- then you will have something valuable to review while waiting to pick up your kids! 


My husband is a college teacher and I am amazed when he tells me how many young students take NO notes in class.  If you take good notes and review them frequently, you should be in good shape for most classes.  Usually, faculty members tell you in class what they want you to know for exams. 


If you do find yourself struggling in a class, don't be too proud to ask for help.  The Academic Services Center in the lower level of the Library has tutoring services as well as a Writing and Math Center.  Check out their services and hours at


Most of us who work in the School of Continuing Education have been adult students at some point in our lives.  We know you can do this!  Don't hesitate to call us for assistance or for an advisement appointment, (860) 465-0206.


Carol J. Williams, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

School of Continuing Education

Eastern Connecticut State University

Study Tips: Test Taking

The optimum retention of information occurs when you study for a test after the first day of class and a little bit every day thereafter.  If you didn't do that, here's what you can do. 

1.       Put together all your materials for reviews, notes, charts, glossaries, corrected assignments, corrected tests and quizzes.

2.       Make sure you have scheduled enough time to study for each exam.

3.       Take advantage of the tutoring services at the Academic Services Center

4.       Go to any review sessions, ask questions about anything you don't have a clear understanding of, ask what will be on the exam--it can't hurt.  Take any additional handouts meant as study guides.

5.       Always attend the last class prior to the exam.  There may be items mentioned then that you'll need to focus on.

6.       If you belong to a study group, set up practice quizzes.  Discuss everything that could be on the test.

7.       Create a study sheet checklist to go over important information and then check off each item as you review them.

8.       Remember to eat just enough before the exam, so you will have energy. 

9.       Remember to go to the rest room before the exam.

10.   Try to get a good night's sleep prior to your final.

11.   Set two alarms so you will wake on time.  Place these alarms beyond your reach, across the room. 

12.   Arrive at the room for the test at least five minutes early. 

13.   Good luck!

If you would like to see how to organize your notes, please, go to


To check out the Academic Services Center, go to

The Tutoring Center Presents
Extravaganza!  Study Blowout!
Pizza! Snacks! Munchkins!

Bring Your Friends, Grab Some Food, and Study with Your Buddies!
Study and Free Pizza at noon on Dec. 9-10.

Thursday, December 9; open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday, December 10; open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tutoring will be available during exam week!
(Please check finals week schedule)

Snacks will be available throughout exam week
Come to the Tutoring Center in Library 108


--This message courtesy of Susan Crowley, Webmaster,
and the Tutoring Center

How the Academic Services Center Can Help You

Academic Services Center


The Academic Services Center (ASC) provides convenient "one stop shopping" for tutoring for all Eastern students and advising services for full-time students. Advising for part-time students is available in person and by phone through the School of Continuing Education located in Shafer Hall.


Located on the ground floor of the j. Eugene Smith Library, the ASC is open from 9-9 Monday-Thursday, 9-5 on Friday, and 2-9 on Sunday. Within the ASC, tutoring services are in rooms 108 and 109, with separate units for math tutoring (the Mathematics Achievement Center) and writing tutoring (the Writing Center). All other subjects are covered by the general Tutoring Services. The Advising Center is across the hall in room 109.


Tutoring is provided by a combination of professional staff and peer tutors, who are recommended by the faculty and specially trained as tutors. The Math Achievement Center offers tutoring on a drop-in basis; no appointments are needed. The Writing Center also offers drop-in tutoring but appointments may be made online at


General Tutoring services are best accessed by appointment, as not every subject has a tutor available during the hours that the ASC is open. To see the tutor schedule visit   Students can sign up for 30-minute one-on-one tutoring by making an appointment at


The ASC is a friendly and inviting space for students, where food and beverages are allowed, and computers are available. Many students use the ASC as a homework space, with help available if needed. Some students form study groups and meet in the ASC.  All students are welcome and encouraged to use the ASC.


From Pat Banach, Director of Library Services

and Carol Williams, Associate Dean of the School of Continuing Education

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