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Welcome to a New Semester and Welcome Back to Eastern!

Dear Eastern Students,

Welcome to both new and returning students in the School of Continuing Education.  In addition to your course work, you have lots of choices at Eastern

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Consider participating in a Global Field  Course .  In these short-term courses you travel with an Eastern professor and study a subject in a foreign land. Or you may want to consider Study Abroad in another country for a semester or a year.

Are you interested in the Bachelor of General Studies degree?  Make an appointment by calling (860) 465-0206.

Wishing you a wonderful semester and New Year!

Carol Williams, Associate Dean of the School of Continuing Education


Welcome to Eastern's new students!

Welcome back to Eastern's returning students! 

Best Wishes for a Great Semester!


From the School of Continuing Education at Eastern

Welcome to Eastern!


Hello students, both returning and new . . . Welcome to Eastern . . . it is good to see you on the campus. The tempo of students gives life to what would be simply buildings, pulse to the energy we feel when you are here and joy to those who are here to serve you. You may think that "joy" is an overstatement, but not true. It took commitment on your part to come to Eastern or to continue your studies. It means that you value your education and your time spent here. It means that you put aside daily routines and tho25653_380126519838_23286604838_3552731_1189936_n.jpgughts of uncertainty and took the plunge. You are special. You didn't know how special you are. Not everyone has the commitment you have to continue or to start anew. Not everyone takes the first step or continues walking the walk. Not everyone can see what you see -- the path to a better future. It does matter that you came and therefore, I say that I feel joy knowing that you are here. My job is worthwhile because you value your time and you are spending your valuable time with us.


Dean Rochelle Giménez 

School of Continuing Education


Discover the School of Continuing Education at Eastern

If this is your first time visiting this blog, welcome!  When you visit  , you will find many options and resources at the School of Continuing Education.  Here's just a few:

·         Part-time Student Orientation:  This handy web page lets you learn what you will need for success at your convenience and the resources available to you.

·         Off-Campus courses.

·         Online Courses (EasternOnline).

·         On-Campus courses.  To see all courses, visit

·         Thousands of Non-Credit Professional Courses are available online through the School of Continuing Education.  If you're interested, SHRM is available on-ground twice a year.

·         Our advisors are the best.  Not only do they help you get started, they assist every time you ask, right up to graduation day.  Call (860) 465-0206 for an advisement appointment.   Phone advisement appointments are also available. 

·         Other.  We have Global Field Courses from which to choose a short-term study abroad experience.  There's Fast Track (accelerated) courses in several disciplines.  We welcome veterans and currently enlisted military personnel.  We are also a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges serving the Navy. 

    for details.  We invite you to explore and learn about the amazing educational experiences awaiting you at Eastern.   Questions?  Just call (860) 465-0206 or comment in the comment box.   We love hearing from you.

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--Susan Crowley, Webmaster

Welcome to the Spring Semester at Eastern!

Some of you may be returning to school after a long hiatus from your college Library in the snoweducation, or returning for spring classes.  Other students may be transferring to Eastern and starting classes with us for the first time. No matter what your status, we are here to give you the best educational experience we can provide -- you deserve that. We are mindful of your time constraints and of the cost to you in your personal life and financial sacrifices. We are here to help guide your educational journey so that you meet your goals. We want you to know that we have experienced professionals who are glad to see you, happy to help you, and trained to work with you to navigate the challenges you may face. Please, take advantage of our expertise, time and ability to serve you.  Call us today for an advisement appointment. You are not in this alone.

Dean Shelly Gimenez

School of Continuing Education


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