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Summer Session B starts July 5 -- You Want to Be There!

Panoramic_view2.jpgSummer at Eastern is wonderful for its small, intimate classes and real learning experiences.  The second Summer Session (Summer Session B) is filled with possibilities for you.  Let's look at a few.


Are you one of those people who really can't leave your home for long?  Gas prices getting you down?  There are more than 20 courses via EasternOnline available for the second session.   Online courses at Eastern are great educational experiences where you have the benefit of studying when you can and attending lectures online.  Check out EasternOnline and see if it's for you.

There are also traditional in-person courses held on the campus in Willimantic or at the off-campus site in Groton.   Here are several courses you might enjoy;  some will help with majors and have prerequisites.

50112 ART 114 02 Ceramics - Workshop experience with clay processes used in making and decorating pottery. Emphasis on hand pieces, decoration, glazing, modeling and knowledge of the use of the potter's wheel and operation of kiln. No prerequisite required.

 50135 ACC 416 02 Federal Individual Taxation - Emphasis is placed on basic forms and structures of federal income taxation and delves particularly into those aspects which affect individual taxpayers. Attention is given to the historical development of federal taxation, the legislative process, the underlying rational of federal taxation, working with the Internal Revenue Code, tax preparers' responsibilities and tax research.  Prerequisite: ACC 301.

50024 COM 310 02 Digital Photography - Focus is on venues for publication in mass media communication including photojournalism and marketing. Camera fundamentals, concepts of exposure and camera operation are reviewed. Lecture/lab topics include image protocols and techniques for photo display and editing with CS4. Retouching techniques and photomontage are introduced along with ethical issues regarding image manipulation and the ownership protections of copyright laws. Students compile digital portfolios of their lab work for display in Powerpoint and a web portfolio. Labs include instruction for use of Eastern student accounts to store and serve student ePortfolio content.  Prerequisite: COM 210


This is only a sampling of the many courses available in the Second Summer Session (Summer Session B).  If you have any questions and would like to speak to an advisor, please, call (860) 465-0206.  Visit  to view all the available courses.  Take a course with Eastern and gain a whole new insight on education.


--Susan Crowley, Webmaster

Summer Classes


Well, Summer Session A began yesterday, May 23rd, the day after a stirring Commencement Ceremony at the  XL Center.  It may not feel like summer yet but warm weather IS coming.   Over the years, and I have been here at Eastern many summers, I have heard both faculty and students talk about the special dynamic that emerges in summer classes.  There seems to be a "we're all in it together" mentality toward learning that develops.  The classes are smaller and more intimate as a result.  And generally people are very motivated--they signed up for that summer course for a particular reason.  If you are taking a class this summer, I hope that you will really enjoy it.  Let us know how your summer experience is going.


Carol J. Williams, Associate Dean, School of Continuing Education

Why Do You Love Eastern?

In attending local functions, it is evident that Eastern Connecticut State University is a beloved college.  Eastern students and alumni are very proud of their school and aren't shy in saying why.  When we asked them why they love Eastern, this is what they said.

"I really like the location of the school.  You can walk five minutes in either direction, and you're close to beautiful scenery and great food."  - Ross (Class of 2012)

"The teachers value the well-being of their students.  You can talk to your advisors and professors." 
- AJ (Class of 2012)

"I love Eastern because the classes are small, so you can form relationships with your professors."
 - Stephanie (Class of 2013)

"There are a lot of reasons why I love Eastern.  The campus is easy to get to know, and there's always something to do whether it's an RA program or campus activity.  I feel like I'm constantly learning."
- Lauren (Class of 2011)

"I love the professors because you get to know them individually.  I like that it's a small university. You can't get lost because you know where your buildings are.  Everything is very simple."
-Jasmine (Class of 2012)

"I love Eastern because it's a very friendly community on campus.  The professors, especially in biology, are very friendly.  My advisor is helping me get where I want to go."
-Bill (Class of 2013)

"Having spent time in a university atmosphere, Eastern is not overwhelming where you'd get lost.  You have a sense of identity and not just being 'another student'."
-Gloria (Class of 2007)

Thank you, everyone, for telling us why you love Eastern.  If you love Eastern too, tell us why in the comment box.  We love hearing from you.

Susan Crowley, Webmaster

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