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Center's videos reach over 100,000

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Sometime in February, the Center hit the 100,000 mark--the number of times the Center's videos have been viewed by individuals visiting the center's website, YouTube, or iTunes U pages.

"It's very rewarding to know that others in the field are finding our videos useful enough to want to share," said Julia DeLapp, CECE Program Coordinator.  "Every week I hear from more people who want to be notified when new videos are released," including teachers from as far away as Saudi Arabia. Education agencies in other states and Canadian provinces have requested permission to link to videos.

Teachers watch the videos to get ideas to incorporate in their own classrooms. In addition, faculty and trainers across the country use them in their classes, including Eastern's Jeffrey Trawick-Smith. "They are so much more engaging and visual than a lecture could ever be and are just the right length to get a good discussion going or to introduce a new topic," said Trawick-Smith. "They are artistic, but never glitzy or cute, and treat the children and teachers who appear in them with such respect."

The Center has developed more than 30 videos and audio podcasts over the past 5 years. Videos feature footage from preschool and toddler classrooms in Eastern's Child and Family Development Resource Center, as well as expert interviews from teachers and faculty. 

"We are so fortunate to have such a high-quality early childhood center here on campus that exemplifies everything we would want to show in a video, as well as the expertise of so many faculty," said DeLapp. "And we benefit tremendously from our relationships with the Communication and Media Services departments." 

Communication professor Denise Matthews serves as the Center's production consultant, and the Center utilizes a number of Communication students each year to help produce videos. "Our students have the opportunity to do professional-level production work," said Ken Measimer, the Center's production specialist. "They leave Eastern with a very strong portfolio." 

The Center started tracking video hits in January of 2012, so the 100,000 number does not include views prior to 2012.

Videos are available free of charge at www.easternct.edu/cece/resources.html, www.youtube.com/EarlyChildhoodVideos, or at iTunes U.