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January 2009 Archives

Apple Issues Critical Security Update for QuickTime

On January 23rd, Apple issued a critical security update for QuickTime media player.  The update is designed to resolve vulnerabilities that could allow a malicious attacker to take control of your Mac. Apple's website has complete information.

QuickTime 7 on Tiger and Leopard as well as QuickTime 7 on Windows are impacted. The update is available through your Mac's Software Update function.

New iMacs in Webb Hall 410 Lab

In conjunction with the Davis Lab Refresh the five Macs in the Webb Hall 410 General Purpose Computer Lab were replaced.  The new 24" iMacs have the same software available in the Davis Lab.  This includes Microsoft Office 2008, Adobe Master Collection CS4 and Apple's QuickTime Pro.

The new iMacs are available to all Eastern students, with Visual Arts and Communication Dept students receiving priority access for coursework.


Media 229 - New Mac Lab Opens

The Spring 2009 semester will usher in a new Mac Lab located in Media Room 229. This new Mac lab is yet another example of collaboration by Academic Affairs, ITS and the Communication and Visual Art departments to enhance teaching and learning for our students and faculty. 

This new lab will primarily serve the needs of Communication department students, however the Visual Arts department will also be teaching in the new facility. The Media 229 lab is equipped with 20 Mac G5's for student use.  Software installed includes Adobe's Master Collection CS4 and Apple's Final Cut Studio 2 as well as QuickTime Pro 7. 

The instructor's station includes an LCD projector and DVD-VHS player. To futher enhance the teaching and learning experience, each G5 was upgraded to 3 GB of RAM. There are plans to install a "Smart" lectern and a ceiling-mounted LCS projector later this semester to further enhance the new facility.

Davis Lab Refresh Completed

Over Wintersession 2009, a collaborative effort by ITS, Academic Affairs and the Visual Arts Department culminated in a full refresh of the computer technology Shafer Hall's Visual Arts Department's Davis Lab.  The updated Davis lab features 24" Intel-based Apple iMacs and new Canon flatbed scanners at each of the twenty student work stations. Additionally, a new high-end, large-format Epson Graphic Arts flatbed scanner is now attached to the instructor's station.

Hardware wasn't the only area in the Davis Lab to see upgrades - software was upgraded as well.  With the computer replacement, Apple's OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system is now the standard.  Additionally, the primary software suite used in the Lab, Adobe's Creative Suite Master Collection was also upgraded to the latest version, CS4. For the 3D Design classes, Maxon's Cinema 4D was also upgraded to the latest version, Cinema 4D, version 11.

The Davis Lab teaching and learning experience was further enhanced by greatly enhanced server-based file share capabilities.

New Mac Blog

CIT provides this blog for Mac users to keep up with Mac support, issues, and new technology on campus.

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