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February 2009 Archives

Use Entourage 2008 to Access Eastern Email from Off-Campus

ITS supports Entourage as the mail client to access Eastern's Exchange (email) server. The configuration for Entourage 2008 varies between laptops and desktop Macs. Desktop Macs connected to the campus network can successfully connect to the Exchange server using the built-in New Account Wizard in Entourage 08.

Mac laptops or any desktops located off-campus should not be configured using the Wizard, but instead be configured manually. You will never need to use Outlook Web Access to get your Eastern email from you Mac at home or when you travel with your MacBook.

I've attached some screen shot images that you can use to configure Entourage 2008 to connect to Exchange (Eastern Email) from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Once you have it configured and connected, the next piece of the puzzle is to install an AppleScript to enhance Entourage so you can connect to the Global Address List to search for Eastern email addresses.

Step 1

      1.     Open Entourage
2.     Click on the Tools menu
3.     Click on Accounts...
4.     Click on New icon
5.     Click on Exchange to launch the Account Setup Assistant
6.     Enter your Eastern email address:
7.     Check the My account is on an Exchange server checkbox
8.     Click on Configure Account Manually
9.     Substitute your personal information for mine as shown in the graphic below:
NOTE: Be sure to enter easternct NOT ec-admin as the domain


 Step 2:
1.  After configuring Entourage with your personal information per the above example, click the Advanced tab (see below)
2.  Be sure your configuration matches what you see below; edit as necessary
3.  Click on OK
4.  That's it to send/receive email automatically (as long as Entourage is running).


Step 3:

1.  Install the AppleScript to allow Entourage to access the Address book on the Eastern Exchange server via the Internet.
2.  Please browse to: for details.  
3.  The instructions are simple to follow and the functionality is integrated into Entourage and works very well. 

That's it!  Let me know if you run into any issues using the comment feature on this blog or email me directly.

Apple Releases 50+ Security Patches

On Thursday, 2/12/2009, Apple released one of the largest number of security updates in its history.  These security updates include OS X, Java and Safari and are designed to fix over 50 distinct vulnerabilities. The OS X patches are for both Tiger and Leopard; the Java and Safari patches are for all OS X versions.

These patches should be considered critical in nature, as they fix exploitable code that, if left unpatched, leaves your Mac open to malicious attack and potentially a complete take-over. Use your Mac's Software Update function to download and install these patches. For complete details on these security patches, consult Apple Knowledgebase Article HT3438.

For complete information on how to use Software Update on your Mac, please read Apple Knowledgebase Article HT1338

iPhone Update 2.2.1 Software Update Released

iPhone 2.2.1 Software Update

This update contains bug fixes and improvements, including the following:

• Improved general stability of Safari

• Fixed issue where some images saved from Mail do not display correctly in the Camera Roll

Products compatible with this software update:

• iPhone

• iPhone 3G

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