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How To: Faculty & Staff Email On Your iPhone or iPad


Did you know that you can have your Eastern email delivered to your iOS device automatically?  Eastern uses the world-standard email system, Microsoft Exchange, for faculty/staff email.  Apple recognized from the very beginning that the iPhone and iPad needed to support Exchange and in fact, they licensed the necessary software from Microsoft to do just that.

You need to make a few simple configuration settings on your iPhone or iPad and your Eastern email will be automatically delivered to your phone. 

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the home screen
  2.  Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. If this is your first email configuration on the device, tap the Microsoft Exchange icon; if you have already setup at least one other email account on your device, tap the Add Account...option, then tap Microsoft Exchange.
  4. Complete the configuration settings using the information below:
      • Your Eastern email address
      • Server = (*updated information for Exchange 2010 accounts)
      • Domain =
      • Your Eastern username
      • Your Eastern email password

NOTE: You may get a "pop-up" message during the initial setup and again later warning you about a problem with a certificate. You must OK the certificate error or your iPhone/iPad won't connect to the email server. 

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