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August 2010 Archives

Over the summer, the Communications 229 Mac Classroom Lab was upgraded to new 27" iMacs with 1 TB hard drives, 8 GB of RAM, and a high-end video card.  In addition, the software package, Adobe Master Collection was upgraded to CS5. 

Five new iMacs with the same configuration as the Comm 229 Macs will be available in the General Purpose Computer Lab located in Webb Hall 410 for the start of the fall semester.  These new iMacs double the total number of Macs available in the Lab to 10.

The Physics Classroom Lab is also scheduled for upgraded hardware later this summer or early fall. The current G4 eMacs will be replaced with brand new Mac Minis connected to 23" Apple Cinema monitors.

How To: Live@EDU Email On Your iPhone

Did you know that you can have your Eastern student email delivered to your iPhone automatically?  Eastern's Live@EDU uses the latest version of the world-standard email system, Microsoft Exchange.  Apple recognized from the very beginning that the iPhone needed to support Exchange and in fact, they licensed the necessary software from Microsoft to just that.

You need to make a few simple configuration settings on your iPhone and your Eastern student email will be automatically delivered to your phone. 

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the iPhone home screen
  2.  Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. If this is your first email configuration on the phone, tap the Microsoft Exchange icon; if you have already setup at least one other email account on your iPhone, tap the Add Account...option, then tap Microsoft Exchange.
  4. Complete the configuration settings using the information below:
      • Your student email address
      • Server =
      • Domain = leave this field blank
      • Your Eastern student email address
      • Your Eastern email password
      • Enable SSL
  5. Your iPhone should attempt to connect to verify the setting.  Once verified, it will take several minutes before your email begins to arrive and display.

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