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January 2010 Archives

Students who participated in a Student Government Association recognized club or organization during the Fall-2009 semester at Eastern Connecticut State University achieved better in the classroom than those who did not participate. The 1132 students who were registered as participants averaged a 3.00 grade point average compared to a 2.86 grade point average for those students who did not participate.

Students who were involved outperformed their peers in every academic class highlighted by the freshmen class attaining a 2.92 GPA in comparison to a 2.63 GPA for those freshmen who did not participate in a club or organization. The information below illustrates the difference in performance.


Academic Class           

GPA - Participants

GPA - Non-Participants

All Students

3.00 GPA

2.86 GPA


2.92 GPA

2.63 GPA


2.94 GPA

2.83 GPA


3.06 GPA

2.93 GPA


3.08 GPA

3.03 GPA


Whether you are a new incoming student or a returning student to Eastern Connecticut State University this fall, one thing is clear - students who get involved in organized clubs and organizations excel better than their peers in the classroom.

Students have choices in clubs and organizations that are as diverse as the student body. At present, choices include a wide variety of academic clubs including those focused on accounting, advertising, marketing, economics, education, history, pre-law, pre-med, psychology, and public relations. There are sports clubs including bowling, rugby, cheerleading and a variety of dance and step teams. Leadership opportunities are abound with organizations including habitat for humanity, people helping people and a variety of community service based organizations. There are also special interest groups that are wide-ranging including the entrepreneurs club, outdoors club, organization of Latin American students, and many others.

A complete list of currently active clubs and organizations is available at the Student Activities web site. Students are always welcome to start a new club or organization. Information on the web site indicates the process on how to get started. Individuals can contact John Bazin, the Student Organization Assistant in the Office of Student Activities for more information.