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Still getting Incorrect Username and Password?

Your password for Blackboard is the same as the one you use for your email.  That said, the only service that will allow you to log on with an expired password is your Eastern email account.  If you can get to Email but not Blackboard, the most likely reason is that your password has expired.

If your password is in fact expired, you should have received a series of emails over the last two weeks alerting you to expiration and providing instructions and links to the Password Reset Portal - 

Check your inbox and follow the instructions or go to the Student Portal and look in the lower right for the Password Change button and the link right under it that will provide step by step instructions on how to interact with the Password Reset Portal.

If you have already visited the Password Reset Portal and do not remember which graphic you selected and/or the security word you set, please call the Help Desk @ 860-465-4346 and ask the staff to reset your Password Reset Portal profile to allow you to choose a new graphic and security word.

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