Professor McNeil 
English 462 
Spring 2015
Due: beginning of class, 
January 14th, 2015
Literary Response Assignment
Assignment: Please address one of the following questions clearly and concisely, focusing your discussion on a single theme or idea (about 2 and a half typed, double-spaced pages total)

January 14: Gregg Easterbrook, "The End of War?"

Gregg Easterbrook asks the question "The End of War?" in the essay. His answer seems to be: quite possibly yes. Is the end of war really in sight? Given the long history of warfare, only a small taste of which we've had in the class, is it possible to imagine a world in which there is no war? What is the likelihood of such a state? What would need to happen for peace to be achieved? Why haven't we found a way to end war so far? Is warfare simply an integral component of human culture, or is there a way that we might think our way out of it permanently? What might the future hold for mankind and war? Discuss the "End of War" its potential or its impossibility (or somewhere in between) referencing Easterbrook's essay (and you may include reference to anything else you or we have read so far in the class).