English Curriculum Revision at Eastern, A History in Documents, 2011-2015

Spring 2015

The New Major: the Concentrations Model, Approved by the Department, February 25th 2015

Fall 2014

Draft of the New Major: the Concentrations Model, August 2014

Minutes of Long Meeting (formerly known as the Retreat), August 25, 2014

Fall 2013

English Learning Outcomes, adopted October 16, 2013

Our Collective Learning Outcomes

"Voyant Tools" Textual Analysis of the Collective Learning Outcomes Compilation

Spring 2013 APR External Review Reports and Our Response

External Review Report March 3 2013

External Review Checklist

Our Response to the External Review Recommedations May 1, 2013

Fall 2012 Academic Program Review Work

Exemplary Review Self-Study, Final with Revision February 2013

Appendix to Exemplary Review Self-Study, Final with Revision February 2013

Spring and Summer 2012 Work

Barb's 2012 English Survey Report

English Department Retreat January 11, 2012, with Paula Krebs:

Our Self-Study

Retreat Minutes

Paula's Retreat Follow-Up Report

English Department Course Goals and Assessment Methods, Broken Down by Individual Courses and Faculty

A Survey of English Distribution Requirements at Other COPLAC Schools and at Other CSUs

Survey of English Major Categories and Concentrations at Other COPLACS

Summer 2011 curriculum development grant proposals related to the English major:

"Exploring Changes within the English Major"--Dan, Chris, and Susan

"Providing “Historical Literacy” within the English Major with a Single Course-Cluster Requirement"--Lisa and Ken

Suggested Curriculum Review Questions, from the Dean

Individual proposals submitted spring 2011 for a revision of the English major:

Lisa's plan

Ben's plan

Chris's plan

Barb's plan

Meredith Clermont-Ferrand's plan

Spring Semester 2011 Working Groups reports

A summary of the findings of Ken's curriculum group

External documents of interest

The Teagle Foundation Report on Undergraduate Language Study

The Teagle Foundation Report: A Summary