Syllabus (Subject to change during the semester. Check Blackboard for updates.)


Required reading:

Understanding Research, Jones and Kottler

Websites and articles as assigned.


Course Information


This class is designed to give hands-on experience in a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Each student is expected to participate in exercises involving different research methods and build on work done in previous sessions. Assignments will be available on Blackboard and will include submission instructions. This syllabus is subject to change during the semester.


Instructor Information


Elizabeth D. Scott


Email: (best way to contact me)


Office location:

335 Webb Hall


Office hours:

Monday 5:00-6:30, Tuesday 4:30-6:30, Wednesday 10:00-11:30 and by appointment


Course Policies

Academic Integrity:

All individual projects must be the work product of the individual who submits it. All group projects must be the work product of the group which submits it. All sources must be properly acknowledged. Quotation marks must surround any string of 4 or more words used verbatim from a source. Penalties, including failure in the course and recommended dismissal from the program, will be assessed upon violation of this policy.



There are 14 homework assignments in the course. Completing an assignment fully and well will result in a score of 4 points for that assignment. There are 15 class meetings. Attending and contributing positively will result in a score of 4 points for that class meeting. Doing both of these consistently will be considered B level work. In order to obtain a grade higher than a B, students must somehow go beyond what is asked of them in class, but in a way which demonstrates that they understand the core purpose of the course and the day's assignment.

Partial completion of assignments or passive attendance in class will result in 1-2 points. Except as outlined within a particular assignment, failure to attend class or to submit an assignment on time will result in zero points, regardless of the reason.  All students will be given 10 free points at the beginning of the semester, to be used to take care of any unavoidable absences, computer failures, or work conflicts. Or, the students can simply use the points to boost their grades.



If you are a student with a disability and believe you will need accommodations for this class, it is your responsibility to contact the Office of AccessAbility Services at 465-5573. To avoid any delay in the receipt of accommodations, you should contact the Office of AccessAbility as soon as possible. Please note that I cannot provide accommodations based upon disability until I have received an accommodation letter from the Office of AccessAbility Sevices. Your cooperation is appreciated.




Below you will find the topics I plan to cover on each class meeting date, and the corresponding text chapter or website reading that will be helpful preparation.  Check Blackboard for homework assignments.  They will include additional readings and activities.



Read these BEFORE you come to class.



Understanding Research

Research Knowledge Base/ other website


Library, Introduction




Philosophy of Science, Human Subjects, Ethics

Chapter 1


Research Questions


Chapter 2




Chapter 3




Chapter 4







Using others' data


Data Collection Technique



Data Collection Technique


Data Collection Technique


Data Collection Technique



Chapter 5








Writing about Research

Chapter 6